BOSTON (CBS) – The doomsday predictions of global warming may have grown tired for some people. A recent Gallup poll shows Americans are more worried about a series of other environmental concerns like water quality and animal extinction over the impacts of Climate Change. But surveys of 1,200 households in the state of Massachusetts show a much different attitude.

“We found is a large portion of people believe in global warming, that it is human induced and the want government to take action,” says Stanford social psychology professor John Krosnick.

Massachusetts is one of the first states to move forward with a comprehensive program to address climate change with the passing of the Global Warming Solutions Act in 2008, with the goal of reducing emissions by promoting and investing in the renewable energy sector.

WBZ-TV’s Joe Joyce reports.

“Clean energy solutions are cost effective. They are good decisions from a financial point of view, but you also get the great result of reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” says Secretary of Energy and Environment Affairs Richard Sullivan

The plan currently in place is to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by 25 percent by 2020 and 80 percent by 2050. The question is will any of this be able to help cool the global temperature?

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Richard Lindzen is a professor of Atmospheric sciences at MIT. He says these actions will have very little effect on the overall climate. “CO2 will cause some warming, the question is how much? It won’t be much. It will be fractions of a degree even if we double CO2.”

There is a fear that increased government regulation of emissions will mean increased taxes and expenses which will trickle down to the consumer and make it harder for businesses to compete.

Some scientists and economists say the costs could be quite substantial to address climate change.

But, Secretary of Energy Richard Sullivan says the there will be more savings than cost in the legislation for Massachusetts

“At the end of the day, you will ultimately see cost savings, and a cleaner more reliable power source. It will be local and actually grow the economy,” said Sullivan.

Most agree it is too early to tell how much this will eventually cost. But, the hope is the vision of the Patrick administration will pay off in the long run.

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  1. DStein says:

    Is Mass. Sec. of Enery Richard Sullivan on drugs? So far, the state’s mandated programs have only cost consumers MORE money, not saved them anything. Things like mandating that electricity providers get at least 10% of their power from renewable sources like Cape Wind will actually increase our electric rates, not reduce them. I’d like him to point to all of these solutions that save us money because I don’t think they exist.

  2. Bill B says:

    I agree. This whole gong green initiative is about one green thing… money!! Companies are lining up to take our money from the government to line their pockets. Remember Evergreen, glad to take the tax payers money to esatblish their business and then leave us. And we live in a state where our government is gladd to dish out the money because it looks good and is the PC thing to do. Cape Wind is another example. Billions spent for a wind mill project that will be inefficent and expensive. Global warming has turned into a farce. If you study climatology over long periods of time you will see everything is cyclical. You have to look beyond the last 30 years to see it.

  3. taxedout says:

    I’m curious as to where Al Gore is, Still preching the Gospel?????

  4. ENUFF says:

    The Patrick administratiion said over 37 million dollars of taxpayer money was spent for illegal alien mediacal care at emergeegency rooms. Send them back to their countries and use the savings to subsidize green energy efforts.

  5. Chappy says:

    Global warming is a complete bunch of BS, or at least how most people see it. Yes, we have an effect on our atmosphere, but to say we know enough about our planets weather history to predict doomsday is a complete lie. There is a news week article from 1978, that states scientist believe by the year 2000 we would be in such a cold climate that all of Canada and Northern Europe would be unable to produce crops, which in return would disrupt our world’s food source.

    Now just over 30 years later scientist are changing their minds. Oh the glaciers are melting? Well although that is true for the Northern Hemisphere, Antarctica had its biggest ice mass in recorded history last year. Propaganda anyone?

  6. CEO says:

    Chappy, I remember seeing a video where someone confronted Al Gore at a conference with the fact that Antartica’s ice field was actually growing while he was lamenting about the polar bears losing their ice habitat up north. He was speechless….and then he tried to discredit them. But the facts are the facts. Just that Al Gore and his hysterical friends have too much money invested in “green” technologies to want that bit of information to get a lot of press.

    1. Renee Sytwu says:

      Green Tech can’t stop climate change but a life style changes to a 100% plant-based diet can. Please read this online book at

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