SANDWICH (CBS) – The Cape Cod camp at the center of sex abuse allegations has decided to remain closed for the summer.

Camp Good News announced its decision Friday afternoon.

“We remain fully committed to offering a positive experience to young people,” the camp said in a statement. “It is clear that we must review every aspect of our operations before reopening.”

“We take the allegations extremely seriously and want to express deep remorse for anything that may have occurred at the camp which may have hurt anyone. We have reached out to offer our cooperation to the District Attorney’s office.”

At least six people have come forward claiming they were abused at the Sandwich camp.

Three of them say they were molested by Charles Devita, an employee who killed himself on Wednesday.

Senator Scott Brown also attended the camp as a child, though he has never confirmed whether that is where he was abused.

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  1. shotime says:

    Finally!! Some GOOD news regarding Camp “BAD” News!

  2. Joe Blow says:

    I griped a lot about the excessive skinny dipping at nights before bedtime scheduled by the Head Counselor/Camp Music Director xxx-xxxxx. Most years there was no organized boys camp skinny dipping or it was a once in 10 year thing. The final year of mine it was 3-5 times a week. As a lifeguard, I didn’t like it because twilight swims were reduced visibility, the kids that actually participated (about half the boys would skip and others would leave their suits on) were more reckless increasing accidents (stubbed toes, slips and the like), and I knew it made a mess for cleanup for the cabin counselors and made it harder to put the kids to sleep on time. But xxx-xxxxx and the insiders (including Chuck DeVita) thought it “cute” and an “essential part of the camp experience. I got the impression they enjoyed my-less-than amused enthusiasm at the skinny dipping and other breaches of organization and discipline and chalked it up as to part of my pattern of having a “hateful heart” and not being actually “saved”.

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