BOSTON (CBS) – In two days the 0-4 Red Sox come home to play at Fenway.

Friday’s home opener set Frank in Framingham to Declare his Curiosity asking: “Why is Fenway still standing? Other cities have world class ballparks!”

Frank may not want to hear it, but the historic park is going to be around for a long time.

WBZ-TV’s David Wade reports.

The park is 99 years old, and while it’s not new, team president Larry Lucchino says it’s improved. “The cherry on top of the sundae really are the three new video boards in center field,” he said. The biggest of the three high definition scoreboards is 38 feet high by 100 feet wide.

Mayor Tom Menino got a tour of the park and its improvements Wednesday. He got to head into bowels of the park and behind home plate. There it’s a lot wider and brighter with new concrete and a new concession stand that serves sushi, fried clams and shrimp rolls.

When asked which would last longer the Mayor or Fenway, Mayor Menino first joked him, but then answered seriously that he believes Fenway has many more years in it.

Lucchino says he appreciates fans’ passions and that they want a new park, but “the fact is there are many, many, many, many people who want to preserve it.”

Over the past 10 years Red Sox owners have spent $285 million in upgrades to Fenway Park.

David Wade

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  1. emom says:

    maybe the steel is super strong, there is not water damage, it was designed to handle the traffic, Just a thought, it may last another 100 years.

  2. Taxpayer says:

    Steel is steel, there is no “super steel”, just other metals or alloys. Millions of dollars over the years has been spend on drainage problems ( the whole Fenway, Back Bay area is built on on land fill, land fill in fact that came from the hill where the current state house sits, it was a much , much larger hill then. Just a hope, that Fenway Park it doesn’t last much longer. If they build a better and more modern park, they will come.

    1. Anon says:

      Yes, because the 600+ game sellout streak clearly shows they aren’t coming right now.

    2. emom says:

      Taxpayer, I actually was being sarcastic, But at some point the metel would fatigue, rust, weaken.. They can only do so much in maintaining the structure. I do rememeber that area was a huge land fill, the coply library is sitting on part of it as well if I remember right. for that matter the pru also is on it. But at some point the structure will crumble from the shear weight of it all. I agree build a better park and then watch the people FLOCK to it.

  3. jzsmith1965 says:

    a new park was proposed yrs ago either in southie or alongside the current park it never happened because of oppisition and the fact the sox didnt own the land now the sox owners have spent millions on upgrades theat do not fix the issue of bad seating the park will be there for more years to come

  4. Fran Taylor says:

    Don’t bother to mention the BILLIONS that the yankees have spent on their stadium

    The Red Sos are quite frugal by comparison.

  5. Jaffo Terrera says:

    Fenway Park is fine. It needs nothing except a return to ticket prices that would allow families to attend a game. Hard to believe I used to be able to jump off the trolley in Kenmore and get a bleacher seat for $5. All this talk about the amenities, oh, please, of a stadium, in Boston? It’s embarrassing. We’re Bostonians. We shovel most of our lives. We’re proud of, what? Revolutionary era history, the math department at MIT and the unruly but mannered village life of the city. Not exactly the crowd you’d expect to get all upset that you can’t get crepes at the ball game.

    1. Cynic says:

      Jaffo….Not to go you one better, but in my day the Subway was a dime and the Bleachers were a Buck.

  6. Cynic says:

    Fenway has been there over 100 years…… The Hi-Tech garbage that some call “World Class” ballparks have been replaced over and over in just a few years.
    Is there anyone that values anything more than 3 days old?
    How many visitors to Boston come to just SEE Fenway?
    Eventually Fenway will have to be replaced but I certainly hope not while Doerr,Yaz,Sam Mele,Rico,PiersalLonborg and all the others that ARE Fenway Park are still alive.
    Go to Yankes Stadium…..It’s NOT where DiMaggio,Maris,Ruth and,Gerig played and it will never be again.

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