BOSTON (CBS) – Illinois congressman Luis Gutierrez met with immigrant advocates for a rally in East Boston on Sunday.

Speaking in Spanish and English, Rep. Gutierrez told the crowd that President Barack Obama is not living up to a campaign pledge he made to immigrants before the election.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports.

“And you said, ‘Elect me president of the United States, and I will be your champion for immigration reform,'” said Rep. Gutierrez.

Rep. Gutierrez said he understands there’s no appetite for immigration reform in the current Congress, but he said President Obama has the power to help undocumented workers right now.

“You have the resources granted to you by the Congress of the United States, and use your discretion, and freeze their immigration situation immediately,” said Rep. Gutierrez.

Comments (4)
  1. DStein says:

    Deport Gutierrez!

  2. Mark says:

    Speaking in Spanish and English, Rep. Gutierrez told the crowd……………………………. How do you say FU in Spanish?????????? Go away Luis!!!!!!

  3. fred says:

    so representive Gutierrez wants to fight for the rights of illegal aliens. people who have entered our country illegally, many of which are commiting identity fraud, tax evasion, etc. what a pathetic excuse of a congressman. he worries about crimminals while his own state has a 20 billion dollar defecit (and growing). we need to enforce our laws, shut down the border and deport all of those would think they can ignore our laws. there is no other country on earth where the goverment refuses to enforce their imigration laws. this is beyond dems and repubs because both parties are mssing in action. we have the resources but not the political will. any politician who refuses push for enforcement of imigration law should be tried for treason.

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