PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) – Some Rhode Island lawmakers are looking to outlaw illegible writing by physicians.
Doctors and other medical professionals who continue to handwrite notes and records would face a fine under legislation sponsored by five state senators. Instead, physicians would have to type all their notes, records and files.
The lawmakers argue that the scrawl of some doctors makes it impossible for patients to read their own medical records.
The Rhode Island Medical Society opposes the idea. Lobbyist Steven DeToy said the state’s medical community is making strides toward electronic medical records. But a ban on handwritten notes would pose an obstacle to doctors, especially those in smaller practices.
The bill is languishing in the legislative equivalent of a doctor’s waiting room: a hearing scheduled on the bill has been postponed indefinitely.

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Comments (3)
  1. cynic says:

    “10,000 Penmanship Police Fan out on raids across the State. Hundreds Of MD’s arrested”. Film at 11…..

  2. emom says:

    It’s about time, Its so frustrating to read what they write even the pharmacies have a hard time understanding what meds they wrote… I say all meds should be faxed to the pharmacies even NARCOTICS, Its far safer , it gets to the pharmacies, there is zero change of duplicating them, and it will get to the patient it was prescribed for. The pharmacies have to ask for ID for them well this way it comes directly from the doctors.. I like this and some doctors have started doing that here, even as to using a special machine that prints them and or sends them automaticly to the pharmacy. again eleminating fraud. Doctors need to realize we can not read ancient text.

  3. epop says:

    emom, i guess some of you can not read, period. and you can not write either. i am having trouble reading YOUR comment even though it is typed, so you should be fined .

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