By Karen Anderson, WBZ-TV

GREENLAND, NH (CBS) – Rudy Giuliani is testing the waters to see if he wants to run for President, again.

Giuliani, who visited the Country View Restaurant in Greenland, NH Friday, says he’s learned some lessons from the last lackluster campaign. “I’d spend a lot more time in New Hampshire.”

He explains, “We were so busy building a national campagin and raising 50 or 60 million dollars that we didn’t give each of the primary states enough attention.

We were running a national campaign when we should have been doing is running a local campaign. Alot of candidates make that mistake, we made it, and then we paid for it. And it was fair.”

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson reports.

What would it take for him to run again? “I don’t know,” he responds. His thoughts are: A feeling you would make a difference, feeling you have a decent chance of winning, and thinking you were needed for the debate. “Alot that arises from analyzing yourself and the field.” 

What does he think of the potential field? It’s still too early, he says.

But he didn’t pass at the chance to take aim at New Hampshire G.O.P. frontrunner Mitt Romney and his Massachusetts health care reform? “I like Mitt very much, I think Mitt is a terrific guy.

I have a great deal of respect for him 42 I think that was a big mistake. It’s clearly a mistake. It was a forerunner of Obama care. Same idea, the core thing was a mandate. A mandate to me was a big mistake.” Giuliani goes on, “To tell me I have to do something, and then tax me if I don’t do it seems to me a violation of the constitution.

That’s essentially what, that’s the core of Obamacare and Romney care. You must have health insurance. And it’s worse than that.

You must have the health insurance the state tells you have to have because they then go define what constitutes health insurance.” 

Romney has said he believes in state by state solutions for health care reform, and has explained that he doesn’t believe Massachusetts reform should be the blueprint for the country.

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    What a picture… Giuliani testing the waters 10 miles off Portsmouth without a boat.

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