HAMPTON, N.H. (AP) – Volunteers are being asked to help clean up millions of small plastic disks swept downriver from a New Hampshire wastewater treatment plant to the ocean shores of New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

The clean-up effort is taking place Thursday at North Hampton, Hampton and Seabrook beaches from noon to 5 p.m.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz talked with volunteers.

The 2-inch-wide disks covered with mesh screens came from a plant in Hooksett, where they were used in tanks to promote growth of bacteria that feeds on waste. About a week after heavy rain on March 6 carried them into the Merrimack River, the disks started appearing along the river and on beaches in Hampton and Seabrook, and along the Massachusetts shore.

The disks are not hazardous waste but it’s recommended that people wear gloves when picking them up.

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  1. guest says:

    Why isn’t the Hooksett Plant paying for clean up since it was their fault ?

  2. Inger Arky says:

    Please come to the beach with a plastic bag and some rubber gloves to be part of the solution, instead of griping over who will pay for it. Throwing money at a problem doesn’t always fix it or make it go away. Mistakes happen. Mother nature happens.

    Today was as beautiful a day, if not better, than Thursday, to walk the beach and help with this issue. Active citizens from every community that enjoy our beaches should take an hour or two and give back for a change.

    Do you want your kids or grandkids digging these up when they play in the sand this summer? Or next? Or the year after? Two years after? Three? Toddlers just love to put everything in their mouths…

    The Surfriders are hosting an event in North Hampton Saturday beginning at 8:00 a.m. so please come and help. You won’t get a medal. You won’t be paid. But you will have the satisfaction of doing something for someone else. And lots of good karma.

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