By Peg Rusconi, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) — In the T’s subterranean network of tunnels, the view out the window is pretty ho-hum. But for 15 seconds – inbound – between Harvard and Central Square there’s been a little bit of eye candy.

“It does look cool, like as the train moves you see the animation,” said passenger Maia Bittner.

It’s a series of light boxes that have a flip book effect promoting “Coraline,” a movie that opened in February 2009.

“Every time I see it I think that if they just keep the ‘Coraline’ ad up for another two years, one day I will eventually go see it,” said Bittner.

WBZ-TV’s Peg Rusconi reports.

The subway promotions for “Coraline” were posted in tunnels around the country, and well documented on YouTube. But many passing through Cambridge have wondered why they’re still there.

Said Chris Torre, “The movie came out, it says in ‘09, and they’ve just been sitting there.”

When we called a T spokesman about the ads, he said he was surprised they were still powered on.  A short time later, they were powered off.

The tunnel walls first came alive with flip book style ads for a cruise line in 2004. T spokesman Joe Pesaturo says a media company paid for the installation and the electricity.

He says the T made almost a million dollars in license fees and a percentage of ad sales until that company went out of business,  after those Coraline ads went up.

While the Coraline ads are dark for good, Pesaturo says new ads are on the way.  The T has a new deal with another media company, which has finally found a taker for the space. Another movie that really is coming soon.

Pesaturo says it’s unclear why the power was on.  The ads only illuminate when a train passes them.  The monthly electric bill runs less than $25.

  1. Cynic says:

    WOW—The Movie was in 3D…Sorry I missed it..

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