By Melissa Mack, WBZ-TV

It’s warm and rainy this morning.  The heaviest rain has already fallen, and the rain will continue to lighten and taper off around midday. 

Most areas will end up with 1-2″ of rain with isolated spots up to 3″. 

Watch Melissa’s forecast

Rivers of concern are the Assabet @ Maynard, the Shawsheen @ Wilmington, and the Blackstone @ Northbridge & Woonsocket. 

The skies will begin to clear this afternoon giving way for sunny breaks by day’s end. 

In addition, winds will gusts 30+mph from the southeast this morning and northwest this afternoon.  Temperatures will tumble into the lower 30s by early evening. 

Quiet weather will follow the rainy start to this work week.

Tuesday will be sunny with highs in the lower 40s. Wesdnesday will be sunny, yet noticeably cloudier by the evening as a panhandle hook has its eyes on New England. 

The onset of precipitation may start as rain/snow early Thursday morning.  If the precipitation holds off until later in the day, it will be all rain.  Rain has potential to become heavy Thursday evening through early Friday morning.   Winds will also be gusty.

Try to stay dry…

Melissa :)

Comments (57)
  1. The Graupler says:

    Thanks Melissa, my rain guage picked up .27 inches of rain. On the low side of what was reported all week but Im not complaining. My neighborhood in Weymouth is completely snow free now, even the banks are gone. I love it. I have pictures from late January, I thought the snow would be here until May

    1. Charlie says:

      We have no snow either 20 miles sw of Boston

      1. mark says:

        But he leaves himself wide open for it with his accuracy rating.

  2. mark says:

    As I predicted yesterday, rain totals in my area were nowhere near with JJoyce stated in his blog. Enough said.

    1. hopeimwrong says:

      quit picking on Joe , Mark I for one am glad that there was not much Rain

  3. southshoretom says:

    Though it will end in the next hour or two, the last 48 hrs have been very mild in southeast Mass. With some sun, Saturday’s highs made it into the mid 50s….the temps briefly dropped into the 40s Sat evening, then slowly rose overnight. There was some more sun yesterday, resulting in highs of low to mid 60s, which did not fall below the mid 50s last night. Dewpoints this morning are even in the low 50s.

  4. Joshua says:

    Well, the folks in Caribou, Maine will finally get what they should have been getting this winter: snow, and lots of it. Caribou is in the unfamiliar position of playing catch up with Boston in terms of snow totals, and will probably win out, as they usually do. I say this because March can and almost always does bring some monster storms to Northern Maine. This storm is not only affecting places like Caribou, Albany, NY is getting in the action, and most of Vermont.

    I’ve had it with the negative posts, particularly from people complaining that too many of us hope for snow and other `real’ types of weather. I think it makes perfect sense that fewer of us blog when it’s raining and 50 outside, or when it’s partly cloudy and 38. Rain is pretty boring, and partly cloudy days are really boring (however nice they can be). I guess there is a reason why there’s no weather blog in San Diego, at least as far as I could tell.

  5. smack says:

    Let’s face it lastlaugh….rain just isn’t very exciting to anyone. I am sure the mets will tell you it doesn’t exactly excite them either. I find rain and drab days boring. Why? It just doesn’t have the impact of extreme weather events. Nothing to talk about.

    1. no_smack says:

      if you’re only hear because you want extreme weather that hurts others then you are a sick person

      1. haterain says:

        no smack the sun hurts more people every year then any rain/snow/wind or anything else. It is weather you have to live with it. So why not enjoy the big storms as well.

      2. ELaw says:

        Then he must not be a sick person because nowhere in his post does it state he wants “extreme weather that hurts others”!

      3. JOE says:

        ELaw- then he must not be a sick person- please

  6. JimmyJames says:

    There is nothing exciting to talk about when it comes to rain other than reporting rain totals unless flooding is happening in an area or thunderstorms are developing and are being tracked.

  7. Dave311 says:

    Any possible snow storms left for SE this month

    1. DS says:

      Yes. Watch the second half of this month.

  8. Charlie says:

    Another snow less march, but that’s ok, sun will be setting after 7:00pm next week, spring is springing, good by to winter snow, happy spring!!

    1. DS says:

      Charlie, I think you must have already lost your bet….

      Never say never. There are strong indications of a -NAO after the 15th, which could spell trouble for your no snow predicition. This is new England. Anything can happen.

      1. Scott says:

        The 00z euro hinted at a trough in the east and a ridge in the west around that time.

      2. Charlie says:

        My lucky prediction back on Feb 10th of 6 inches or less seems right, we have gotten 4.6 inches in Wrentham since, so snow wise is right on, but cold wise I’m not, IMO snows been done for a while, it’s beginning to look springish here south of Boston :)

      3. Charlie says:

        I agree ds, but even when I lived in Dallas for 5 years people there would bring up the 6 inch snowstorm they got on the 1st day of spring 10 yrs ago and they would say anything can happen until that point, but every year I was there it was 70-75 around that time, I think this April 1st will be around 55-60 like it usually is, have a good day ds, always enjoy ur comments and blogs :)

    2. Weather Guy says:

      We gotten 8 or 9 inches since feb 10 in Peabody.

      1. Charlie says:

        Here in Wrentham we had 72.4 inches of snow by the 1st week of Feb, as of March 7th we now have 77.0 inches for the winter season here in Wrentham, we’ve been way below normal in snowfall in the last 5weeks with under 5 inches, some places south and east of Boston have gotten even less than that, Plymouth has only gotten 3 inches since Feb 3rd :)

      2. Weather Guy says:

        Its amazing how winter snow storm wise has shut off after the 6 weeks of relentless snow. Its also amazing how we had a nice and slow snow melt no major flooding.

  9. nuthin says:

    Why talk about March 15th possible snow event when this weekend predictions, including WBZ met rainfall forecasts we’re incorrect? It seems like a pointless speculative exercise to try to predict a March snowstorm, too difficult with lots of variables this time of year….just sayin’…

    1. JimmyJames says:

      To some people its fun to speculate and when you are a snowlover you look into the future at anything that has a shot at delievering snow. I just take everything with a grain of salt until the weather alerts get issued and never get excited.

      1. Charlie says:

        I’m a huge snowlover, I just don’t see a snow event until next year, March will go down as a rainy month

    2. DS says:

      That’s what makes it so fun! ;-)

  10. Hadi says:

    Anything can happen in March, things can change in a hearbeat. Doesnt mean snow for sure, but to declare with certainty that no more snow is coming is crazy around these parts. Just my 2-cents

    nuthin many of us on the blog predicted less rain then what the mets had out there::))

  11. Joshua says:

    There will be snow in Boston this month. Perhaps only a few inches. But, I wouldn’t rule out a significant storm or two. Consider this: Had today’s exiting storm positioned itself off the coast (tracked 100 miles or so east) we would have seen plowable snow in Boston.

  12. Scott says:

    12z GFS shows a very active pattern with lots cold air in eastern Canada.
    Just get one of those storms to slow down with cold air draining in, you got yourself a nice snowstorm.

  13. WesWelkerFan says:

    I laugh when they say “Shawsheen @ Wilmington” because the Shawsheen river does not enter the Town of WIlmington. Yes, for a two mile streatch it forms part of the Billerica/WIlmington Town Line, but according to town historical records, when Wilmington stole parts of East Billerica in 1730, Billerica was compensated by having the Shawsheen River placed completely inside it’s town boundries. The Billerica/Wilmington line runs along the east bank of the river and does not extend to the middle like most river boundries. So that should read “Shawsheen on Billerica/Wilmington Line”.

    1. matt says:

      tell me about it . i live on the shawsheen river in Billerica .The town of Billerica is split up in sections.
      North billerica, Billerica ,East billerica and newly formed west Billerica. nutting lake, pines and pinehurst
      The shawsheen river goes through the pines and pinehurst sections.wilmington owns a point of the river and it is only like 10ft it is mainly in Billerica

  14. coach23 says:

    Still plenty of snow in my yard 20 miles NW of Boston. Now it’s about down to what it a normal winter’s level. On a brighter note, I can see the tip of the diving board!!!

  15. shotime says:

    I have to admit, it’s nice seeing my lawn and gardens again ~ even though they’re a mushy, soggy mess littered with small and large branches everywhere.

  16. matt says:

    JimmyJames… and any one else that wants to know.

    my flood scale has 1-5. levels
    1: minor or no flooding of small steams and rivers. poordrainage flooding is possible
    2 flooding of small steams and rivers. poordrainage flooding with minor or no flooding of larger rivers and steams.
    3flooding of small streams and rivers, poor drainage flooding ,with minor to moderate flooding
    4 flooding of small steams and rivers, poordrainage flooding, with moderate to major flooding
    5 flooding of small streams and rivers, poordrainage flooding ,with major to record flooding

  17. Charlie says:

    I just don’t see it, have a great day everyone :)

  18. Eric B says:

    Although we didn’t get much rain, I think the last few days have been far from boring. The complete disappearance of many inches of very dense, icy snow – and even the much higher mounds along the streets – in 48 hours was remarkable!

    I have a small bamboo grove that was totally weighed down and submerged beneath deep snow from 2 months. As the snow melted Saturday and Sunday, the 5 to 10-foot stalks of bamboo rose up from the ground one by one. They’re now blowing in the wind, leafy and green, almost like the snow never happened.

    The weather of the last couple of days have been very uplifting for folks like me who are ready for spring.

    There may be more snow before winter’s over, but with the increasingly powerful March sunlight, the snow is unlikely to last for long.

  19. tjammer says:

    Headed outside here in Framingham at lunch, was a very windy cold 35 or so, with a tiny bit of snow in the air! Sun, clouds, lot of wind, touch of frozen stuff…

  20. manowx says:

    It can be argued that the pattern we have now is the same pattern all winter. the trough only suppressed earlier to produce heavy, wet snowfalls. It’s the sun. It’s the gases!! Global cooling a crock! The NAO means nothing!

  21. southshoretom says:

    I see from the snowfall totals on the NWS site that northern parts of Vermont got about 2 feet of snow…………….35F with the wind feels awful cold after the past couple of days.

    1. southshoretom says:

      Thanks Hadi.

      I would think that would be an interesting drive northbound up Rte. 93, emerging from Franconia Notch. They’ll be skiing for a while after this storm.

      1. matt says:

        yeah and sadly I can not go because of school. Stowe vt got alot of snow and all the trails are open and i can not go, it sucks:(

  22. Topkatt88 says:

    0.79 inch rain at Woburn. 3 inches of snowcover left.

  23. nolo32 says:

    2.3 inches of rain here in Plymouth, NH. That caused ice jams in the river and led to some flooding. Temp now 20.

  24. BaileyMAN says:

    Hello all,
    Nice to blog with you. Well as I stated nearly 2 weeks ago despite a fairly snowless February and early March there will be 1 more opportunity for a monster snow blizzard this March! It will happen during the 3rd week of March and then we can say Good Bye to Winter and Snow for this changeable year. Im busy working out now so have to run a man my age of 39 needs to stay in good condition to you know. Bye and take it easy all.

    1. JOE says:

      Can’t be him

  25. Crock says:

    To the fake BMan. Climb back down the stairs to your room in your mothers basement. You put fake posts up on a weather blog. Seriously? You must have a lot of free time on your hands. Let me guess, unemployed, living off Uncle Sam just waiting for your next big break. How’s that working out for you? Tool.

    1. zippyadeedoo says:

      Crock you are no better! you have nothing better to do either ! yyour here too!

  26. alpha says:

    Any word on the Thursday/Friday storm yet?

    Given that we only have about 48-72 hours to dry out from this storm, is there any chance that Thursday/Friday brings a repeat of the flooding last March? If so, which rivers & areas of MA are most likely going to be impacted?

    1. JimmyJames says:

      Alpha it looks like a 1-2 inch rain event but keep checking back for updated forecasts since its Monday and it could change.

  27. Topkatt88 says:

    The clear sky offered a PERFECT view of the International Space Station followed closely by Space Shuttle Discovery, moving NW to SE across the sky from 657pm to 701pm. The best part was watching both of them disappear into Earth’s shadow in the SE sky several seconds apart. :-)

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