BOSTON (CBS) – Blue Cross Blue Shield came under fire this week for paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars to its board members.

Robert Haynes, the president of the Massachusetts AFL-CIO and Blue Cross board member, stopped by to talk about why they’re getting paid such big bucks!

WBZ’s Jon Keller is at large.

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Jon Keller

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  1. emom says:

    Mr. Kelleher, not buying it, First of all, the folks that have the insurance are the ones that truly suffer, Cutting the costs of THEIR BENEFITS FOR HELATHCARE, to supplement the BOARDS PAY. SORRY that’s just wrong, So many seniors at the moment have less coverage, MUST pay a deductible and higher co-pays and out of pocket expenses, and now this year a higher premium…. Many of these senior citizens are on fixed incomes. I do not agree with Mr. Haynes explanation of the salary of the board members. Its outrageous to hear that they gain such HIGH pension and salary for what they do, when what they have truly done is take more money from those that are insured and given them so much LESS.
    Sorry this is a huge PILL to swallow, in this given economy. I do not want any babble on the Why’s they feel they deserve this pay, Its outrageous to hear it. Its pure greed on their part,, I am willing to bet that they as board members have a golden healthcare plan, that would take care of not just them but their family should they need the care, all while the seniors MUST suffer and pay so much more monthly for what NOTHING.

  2. emom says:

    Ok co-pays, yeah , try $20, $25, 30 per visit to a pcp, now what if you have to see more than one doctor a month, REALLY, you call that OK, GOOD, ECONOMICAL for the folks , especially the senior population to pay suck co-pays, now what about all the money for lab work, yeah, why , should be included in the initial visit. Why does the lab get more of their money.. Prescriptions, REALLY A DEDUCTABLE MUST BE MET,, WHY, all of a sudden since last year they must pay a deducible before BC/BS pays a dime toward their meds,. that’s crazy. Seniors need to live not go hungry, sacrifice heat and food to be able to afford their meds, do you really think they only take 1 med a month, some are on at least 3 maybe more. Oh and don’t even get me started on calling them about getting them to correct a bill they would not pay.. I KNOW THE HEALT INSURACE LAWS YOU MUST PAY ON WHATS COVERED IT’S THE LAW. Has even one board member thought about the seniors and how this constant premium rate hikes has affected them, or the lack of coverage they give them, OH and here is something that needs to be addresses, Why is it that they can only go to a certain hospital from which their doctor is associated with,, REALLY, like that is always practical. If a hospital is close to where they live why cant they use it regardless where the PCP is associated with.. After all its not as if they would not get paid.. When you limit some it takes a HUGE TOLL on them mentally and physically. Not to mention the entire family when they now must fight to get the care that they should get..

  3. emom says:

    Mr.Kellher, honestly to hear all this from them is to much to bear. They do not have to worry daily if they will have their care covered even at 100% yeah that kind of plan DOES excist I KNOW , they talk a great game but in the end the board members capitalize on what the folks pay into the healthcare plans, ESPECIALLY the SENIORS, over the last few years the older population pay higher and higher premium , but get less and less coverage and care, and at the same time must pay out higher co-pays, deductibles, go where they tell them to go and give them absolutely no choice in how their care should be. REALLY WRONG. I find this ridiculous explanation to be a lot of malarkey.. I would love to say what I truly feel but trying ever so hard to keep it clean. NO this explanation is not in the least acceptable. Not when its directly affecting the lives of those that pay into a healthcare system and get so little and have to sacrifice their health all so the BIGWIGS can have lucrative golden parachutes and pensions to live on and then rub it into the faces of those that GAVE IT TO THEM. Why not let the folks that pay the premiums, decide if you so deserve what you claim to deserve . ALSO as for working with the Governor, what other choice does anyone in this state truly have.. I mean , we are told that IF we do not have HEALTHCARE that we will be penalized on our taxes . We after all do not have much of a choice in what we can get for our health care since it appears that these big companies have made what they offer us to cover so little and yet we must pay so much for what we never get. In the end the ones that suffer are the ones they claim the are helping. Yet every year at least 3-4 times we hear of a story in which a health care company denies a patient and their family coverage claiming its not in their plan.

  4. emom says:

    Something needs to be done when it comes to what folks can have covered. They talk a lot about maintenance health BUT hardly cover what it is to maintain their health,, instead they rather pay for unnecessary care that may never have been needed if they only covered what would have worked. Chiropractic care for most is never covered, however, can be a maintenance to a persons body, instead of taking high end addictive drugs, A medication, that has been shown to work but denied all because of the cost of it, so a lesser affective drug is given to only cause more problems, require more care and ultimately become more expensive to both patient and insurance companies, I understand that there are other issues with the care of the folks in this country, but why does the insurance companies have to not look at it in a much different light and see just how it affects those that need it most. In the end when I hear that a large PAY OUT had been given to a person that not only has been with the company for a short time, but was able to negotiate a lucrative deal to come on board, and make so many changes in the wrong direction, I find all this to be utterly ridiculous. To sacrifice patients care for profit is basically what has happened here. And that Mr. Keller is totally wrong and should be looked at as a whole as well as correcting how they cover the folks that buy into their company. Not take our money give us nothing rub it into our face and then say oh we are paying this guy for a JOB WELL DONE. THAT MR. KELLER DOES NOT FLY ANY MORE .

  5. emom says:

    Mr. Keller, so sorry for the miss spelling of your name, I did not realiaze it.

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    1. mikey says:

      Peddle your knock-off garbage somewhere else!

  9. taxedout says:

    Why is he smiling??? He knows he’s going to get the same kind of money when he leaves…

  10. BostonIrish says:

    Too funny! Spam!

    Unions should go bye-bye!

  11. Ben says:

    This guy Haynes gets paid $72,000 a year just to sit on BCBS’s Board and attend just a few meetings a year. Small potatoes to him compared to the huge paycheck he gets from the unioin. While in one of those Board meetings, he votes to approve this $11 million golden parachute for the CEO.

    Gee, for a union boss that’s always telling us he’s looking out for the little guy, this just doesn’t add up. That $11 million dollar “gift” is one of the reasons why our health care premiums keep going up and up and up.

    Haynes is a hypocrite. The AFL-CIO was paying for ads during the governor’s race complaining about the $1.6 million Charlie Baker made at Harvard Pilgrim. Yet right across town at one of Harvard’s competitors Haynes is approving an $11 million parachute for the BCBS CEO. Union thugs playing their typical dirty tricks.

  12. replicag02153 says:


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