BOSTON (CBS) – Brandon Cox joins Dan Rea and tells what happened the night Danroy “D.J.” Henry was shot and killed. Also in studio, Wayne Dozier, DJ’s grandfather, and Brandon’s parents, Donna and Tom Parks. D.J.’s mother Angela also calls in.

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  1. maureen finnegan says:

    Kudo’s to Brandon Cox and the Henry family. Brandon did a wonderful job in what can only be described as a horrifying experience. I feel there needs to be a national movement so the media can connect the dots.. We have DJ, as well as:
    Zac Champommier, Doug Zerby, Reginald Doucet and Erik B Scott, off the top of my head. Law enforcement really need to step aside and let independent third parties take over investigations. I get that no cop wants to be the next Serpico .

  2. grace accurso says:

    Brandon’s courage to fight this painful battle is tremendous. I think there is strength in numbers and if everyone gets involved in any way they can maybe they’ll get the message and realize the corruption that really exists in westchester county. I was born and raised there and its no secret that every town is run in that manor. May God bless the Henry family, Brandon and all the victims. Most of all may you rest in peace with the Lord D J.

  3. Mary Connolly says:

    Brandon , thanks for telling the true events, and thank you Dan Rea for keeping this story out there. It is a tragedy that should have never happened . I would be proud to have a son exactly like Danny , he was a great kid.The person that made the fatal mistake was Aaron Hess when he panicked and started shooting.The DA and police involved should be ashamed of themselves and held accountable for what they have done.

  4. siri says:

    My deepest heartfelt thoughts to both the family and friends of Danroy Henry. I also live in Westchester County and have heard so many stories about civilians of color being treated unfairly or different by some officers.

    I can’t imagine losing a loved one this way. And I hope the family never stop until they get the answers they deserve. I wish you luck and hope the truth is revealed in time. My Danroy get the justice he deserves. RIP.

    Brandon, I admire your effort to not give up or lose hope. In time some people/friends simply stop supporting the family and move on. It’s difficult for the family each member. Knowing they have one good trusting friend means the world to them I’m sure. You are the last person to have seen their son alive and murdered. God bless you young man. I hope and wish only the best for you.

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