WESTFORD (CBS) – Ice flying off a tractor trailer slammed into a car in New Hampshire, seriously injuring the driver inside.

While driving in Mason, New Hampshire on Route 31, 64-year-old Stanley Raczelowski of Westford was hit by the ice, which fell off the roof of a tractor trailer.

“These chunks were approximately three feet in diameter and six inches thick. And the reason I say about six inches thick is the front end of that car sustained substantial damage,” said Sgt. Paul Hunt of the New Hampshire State Police. “(The ice) subsequently hit him, causing serious head and face trauma.”

WBZ-TV’s Jim Smith reports.

The police are looking for the truck’s driver, who never stopped.

“It’s against the law for trucks to drive without cleaning the trailers on their car. It’s illegal for cars not to clean off the hoods of their car. It’s the ice, not the snow, that presents such a danger to everybody,” said Sgt. Hunt.

Raczelowski suffered a possible broken jaw and nose.

“It’s dangerous, and…we’ve had so much snow lately that trucks will get covered in it, but I do think that it should get cleaned off before they go on a major highway because I’ve heard of this before, too. Other cars getting windshields just shattered by ice, and it’s just a dangerous hazard,” said Alesia Raczelowski, the victim’s daughter.

Raczelowski’s wife said he will need facial surgery, but early tests show that he has normal brain function.

The truck company responsible will be cited and fined, according to officers.

New Hampshire state police said they need help with vehicles that have ice and snow on them. Anyone who spots vehicle covered in ice should call state police.

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  1. Tran Engineer says:

    I find most drivers are at fault for FOLLOWING TOO CLOSE. Ice slows down and falls very fast when it falls off a vehicle and IF YOU DON”T TAILGATE you likely will NEVER get hit.

    1. FB says:

      That’s just stupid… I’ve had trucks pass me and ice and snow shower down on my car.

  2. toby says:

    “It’s against the law for trucks to drive without cleaning the trailers on their car.


    1. indiemusicgirl says:

      Yes, NH has laws on the books that make it illegal with fines for not clearing the snow off of cars and trucks/trailers.

      1. toby says:

        I was commenting on the actual wording in the sentence. Read it again. No need to explain the law, just the editing of the article.

  3. emom says:

    IT was a tractor trailer, a semi,, not a car pulling a trailer, and if you are to close , which by the way so many seem to love to do is drive up your hynie,,, I mean really do you really think for a small second that THAT IS EVEN SAFE.. I have had it with all you tailgaters, up my butt and making me so nervous tha if I have to stop so abrubtly that you will plow right into me.. SO BACK THE HECK OFF WILL YuH.. GEE STUPID DRIVERS

    1. Alesia Raz says:

      im the victims daughter and he was not tailgaiting. the car and the big truck were moving in opposite directions. therefore making the tailgaiting story false.

      1. Alesia Raz says:

        :( dunno how stuff gets made up.

  4. jojo says:

    Typical online comments…….you morons are actually trying to blame the victim when if the tractor-trailer driver obeyed the LAW and cleaned off the snow and ice, the victim wouldn’t be in the hospital fighting for his life right now…..what is wrong with you people?

  5. KMH says:

    The report I saw about this says the truck and this poor man were not even on the same side of the road, they were traveling opposite directions. How would one avoid following too closely in that situation? The law is in place for a reason and should be followed just as well as any other.

    I wish this man the best during his recovery.

  6. new mass resident says:

    The trouble with most news stories is that they don’t tell the whole story. While this victim may have been following at a safe distance, the odds are they weren’t. But does the news reporter investigate enough to find out ? Never. They sensationalize the victim and make the driver of the truck a victim of the public. That’s why only in a court does each side have the chance to tell the whole story and not just one side.

  7. Driver says:

    At 60 miles per hour you could be half a mile back and still get hit i drive 93 daily its bad with trucks

  8. emom says:

    Since this guy was traveling in the opposite direction, which seems to be true, the tractor trailer would be at fault, But my point is what I stated, all to often folks DO travel extremely close endangering not only themslefs but all those around and the driver they seem to be following, I can t tell you how many times I was nearly rearended due to these kind of drivers had 3 this week and I have no snow on my car, But they seem to hug my rear of my car and make it almost impossible to take any kind of turns, and another thing I never said who was at fault, only that I see to many drive way to darn close to the car in front. something to seriously think about when you are driving,, dont endanger others

  9. pobre paco says:

    Bottom line—- Clean the ice and snow off the roof of the trailer!!!!!! Why try to rationalize everything!!!!

  10. AnnMarie says:

    Some trailers that truck drivers pick up can be sitting in the yard for 1 week or longer so when they move the trailers they’re full of ice left over from just sitting there.
    When they go down 495 at a high rate of speed all the ice comes off their trailer.
    I think when they leave their trucking depot all the ice and snow should be already cleaned off so no one can get hurt.

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