BOSTON (CBS) – Your kids’ college tuition is expensive enough…but there are ways you can save on all those extra costs.

Sticker shock for the tuition and room and board bills for the typical kids’ college education is bad enough, but then there’s everything else. Textbooks, laptops, cellphones, and all the extra stuff needed for that campus home away from home. Mark Wojno of Kiplinger’s says one way you can save on those expensive textbooks is to rent them, not buy them.

Colleges often also try to sell you a health insurance plan for your college kid but Wojno says you might not need it because he or she might also be covered on your current plan.

Wojno also says an inexpensive laptop or desktop computer should also be enough for college, although netbooks don’t usually make the grade. And you don’t really need a printer…e-mailing assignments or saving them to a flash drive should do the trick.


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