RANDOLPH (CBS) — A Randolph artist is taking on Hollywood claiming a movie studio stole his panda.

Jayme Gordon says he originally copyrighted a project called “Kung Fu Panda Power.”

sketch Randolph Artist Says Kung Fu Panda Was His Idea

Jayme Gordon's sketches for Kung Fu Panda Power (image from lawsuit against Dreamworks)

Dreamworks made an animation movie named “Kung Fu Panda” that went on to earn more than half a billion dollars worldwide.

SEE: Read Gordon’s Lawsuit

Gordon says he created the characters and pitched the story idea to Walt Disney and Dreamworks in the early nineties.

Lawyers believe he definitely has a case. This is the second suit against Dreamworks is facing regarding Kung Fu Panda.

A writer claims he pitched a similar story in 2001, but experts say that case is not as strong.

Dreamworks is not commenting on either lawsuit.


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