By Ron Sanders, WBZ-TV

LINCOLN (CBS) – Lincoln Police say there’s a happy ending to the agonizing 24-hour search for four dogs strangely taken from their family’s home Thursday afternoon.

Lincoln cruisers made frequent patrols past the home as the family appealed for their return. “I really miss her and please just take care of her and take her home safely,” sobbed Erica Jarrell, one of the family’s children speaking of one of dogs.

The dogs are simply family pets: Sonia, a 13-year-old black lab, Seymour, a one year old black lab, Sweetie Pie, a 4-year-old shih tzu and Syrup, a 4-year-old Jack Russell. Oddly, the family’s fifth dog was not taken.

“It’s just creepy. It’s creepy and it’s unnerving and it’s scary and then you worry ‘why did they do this?” asked Brenda Jarrell with two of her children flanking her at the Lincoln Police station.

Police say a plumber working at the Jarrell family’s home, which is undergoing renovation, told them a man about 40, with grey hair, walked in like he owned the place.

“The worker left after about an hour in the house with the person and after that, the family came home and found the dogs were missing and there were things in the house that were kind of moved around.” explained Lincoln Police Chief Kevin Mooney.

Before the dogs were found in a car at Hanscom Air Base in good condition late today, the Jarrell children were in tough emotional condition. “I just want my dog and all the other dogs to get home safe and I don’t him to hurt them and I just don’t want our dogs being hurt because I can’t take that,” said Will Jarrell.

The family said they don’t know of anyone who had anything against them or their dogs nor do they know of anybody who wanted the dogs for any reason.

Lincoln Police had leads late Friday on the man who took the dogs and said the Jarrell’s neighborhood and the town should not feel they’re in any danger.

WBZ-TV’s Jonathan Elias and Ron Sanders contributed to this report.

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  1. Rick Evans says:

    Non newsworthy stolen dog stories and those melodramatic “emotional” moments of whimpering little boys are two of many reasons I don’t waste my time watching local TV news.

  2. whatever says:

    Rick Evans: What on Earth is wrong with a good conclusion to a home invasion? Happy children? Huh? Is that such an unpalatable notion to you? You are mean and unenlightened. Two of many reasons, I’m sure, why you sleep alone.

    1. Cynic says:

      Sorry whatever…..Rick is right.

  3. Cynic says:

    Dogs are so stupid…. They can’t even go to the bathromm without help. Cats on the other hand have everything under control all the time. They are perfectly capable of living their lives without the assistance of Humans. If you abuse a Dog it will come back wagging it’s tail so you can do it again….A Cat will LEAVE.. Cats have it all together.

  4. whatever says:

    Cynic: I assume you are a mildly overweight, possibly state employed spinster and has never been with a man. Perhaps you and Rick can hook up, get a bunch of cats, and live neutrally ever after..

    1. Cynic says:

      Whatever…Quick,take the dog out before he pees on the carpet.

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