BOSTON (CBS) – There’s a possibility that Massachusetts won’t be able to participate fully in the next presidential election.

Secretary of State Bill Galvin says there’s not enough money to run a primary in March 2012, according to Gov. Deval Patrick’s budget for the next fiscal year.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens spoke with Sec. Galvin.

“The number that was submitted by the governor despite the fact that he suggested, or his administration suggested, that it would be a 2 percent cut, in fact is a far more drastic cut. My budget will go down anyways for the coming fiscal year in the elections area because we have one fewer election in the upcoming fiscal year than we did in the last, but nevertheless, it’s a problem to run this March 6, 2012 event based upon the numbers they’ve submitted,” Galvin told WBZ.

Galvin said he offered up suggestions for alternatives to the 2012 primary elections.

“I asked the legislature during my testimony yesterday on the budget to increase the line item, which I know it was a difficult thing given the circumstances of the year, or I suggested to them they could of course cancel the primary, and we could go to a caucus system,” Galvin said.

The combination of the upcoming presidential primaries and the necessary political reorganization of the state after the 2010 Census unfortunately happened during an economic crunch.

“If I were to spend all of the money on the primary, I then wouldn’t have any money for the rest of the election department’s activities: the local elections where we supervise, but also preparing for the regular state elections and the presidential election in 2012. So, all of that has to be done,” said Galvin.

He said he hopes the elections can still go on as scheduled.

“It’s my earnest hope that the legislature will find the money to help us continue the tradition of having a voter participatory primary,” said Sec. Galvin.

Galvin said his office needs an extra $3.5 million in the budget.

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  1. edwal says:

    great idea go to a caucus system and steal the election only in ma is this the only way the state can get rid of scott brown

  2. Cynic says:

    Elections are a goldmine for some…The Caterers,The Printers,The Media Outlets,The Function Halls,The Police Details.. The Transportation companies.Why not an “Election Tax”. Why not have a 10% Tax on all money traceable to the Election?

    1. guy says:

      Why not a tax on stupid ideas at 25%?

  3. emom says:

    wait are you asking or telling,,, really can we afford it,,, HELL NO,,, WE CANT AFFORD TO HELP OUR SENIORS, we cut school budgets, cut services to people, we pay illegals to live here….. we close fire departments, we lay off teachers, we give grants for stupid dumb research,,, aka frogs and ponds, we give credit cards to politicians and give them unlimited spending,,, we give politicians BIG CARS THAT SUCK GAS, we pay for assistants of assistants of assistants,,,, we pay big bucks for people to sit on their hynies and collect your money,,, we pay for huge parties for FREIGN WHOEVER, yeah we can afford to do it ,,, get ready to open wallet , insert fingers, pull out greenbacks, and hand them over as the collect hounds come a knocking.. DING DONG,,,, WE ARE HERE TO TAKE AND NOT GIVE,,,, FOOOLSSS

  4. Callie says:

    IS THIS EVEN LEGAL? Is voting no longer our right? Did I fall asleep for a very long time? I must be dreaming. Since when is our right to vote negotiable? Are you seriously suggesting that a few elected/appointed individuals in MA may determine whether or not the rest of us vote in our own state? In our own country? Have our fallen soldiers fallen for nothing? Please tell me we are not shedding blood elsewhere to promote democracy while turning back the clock in our own land. I feel sick to my stomach right now. I can’t even believe this.

  5. buck says:

    this is a subversion of the electoral process. it is the duty of the state to provide for the voters. i think it may be time to move the protesters from the financial district to beacon hill. the hill from which the $hi# rolls down on top of our heads in a steady stream. wake up the peoples republic of Massachusetts. voting is a fundamental right of our system of government. if that system cant work properly, its time to REPLACE it..

  6. dripable service says:

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