By WBZ-TV's Jim Armstrong

BOSTON (CBS) – If you happen to walking by Fenway Park these days, you’ll see construction crews at almost every gate. You can tell there’s a lot going on inside. Indeed, it’s another hectic off-season that sees teams of workers racing against the clock.

WBZ got a sneak peak at the renovations with Sox CEO Larry Lucchino on Friday.

Lucchino said this spring, fans won’t be able to miss the changes. 

They start with a huge, new high-definition, LED scoreboard in centerfield — 100 feet by 38 feet. It replaces the screen that had been there since 1976.

“You know, fans haven’t been able to see the infrastructure work, the new wires and pipes and concrete repair, things that will enable to park to survive for generations,” explained Lucchino. “But they can see and enjoy from the moment they walk in here this modern development.”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mark Katic reports

Two other brand new LED screen will flank that one — offering real-time pitcher and batter stats, box scores, and messages.

Over in right field, ten thousand seats have been torn out. They’re being refurbished as part of a larger waterproofing project.

It is all part of the Red Sox’ 10-year plan to “make the ballpark a better, bigger, more comfortable place to be and to insure that Fenway Park stays around for the next 20, 30, 40 years,” said Lucchino.

And while a snow-covered diamond might look discouraging, contractors say they budget their time counting on a brutal winter, so they’re confident they’ll make Opening Day. After all, they point out, there’s really no flexibility with that date.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong reports.

“We’re right on schedule right now,” according to Richard Walsh of Walsh Brothers Construction.

The Gate D concourse area is also getting a huge makeover. Ramps and walkways will be re-graded and made more accessible so fans can get around more easily inside the concession area.

Jonathan Gilula, the team’s Executive Vice President for Business Affairs, said everything is being done to make a visit to Fenway better for fans. He wants Red Sox nation to “come and think of this as an improvement, certainly, but that the look and feel of the ballpark has not changed.”

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  1. Andrea01602 says:

    Two words… WHO CARES? Fenway is FULL of DRUNKS. You would have to PAY ME to go to Fenway… Bums!

    1. Sawxfan says:

      Yeah I know who in their right mind would want to go to one of the purest, most history filled, and well known Cathedrals of our beloved past time? As for your FULL OF DRUNKS remark go to other ball parks and have people throw batteries and spit at you and then talk to me.

      1. Rod Mann says:

        “Most history filled”…I think not. Ownership keeps putting lipstiick on that pig but it is still a pig.

  2. PatrickD says:

    The Red Sox have never considered the residents of the Fenway. They never built a parking garage to accommodate the increased traffic. This giant TV screens will most certainly increase the noise level ,as it were not already more than loud enough.
    It’s called greed.
    ..and yes there are more drunks in the neighborhood!!! and many, after a game do get into there cars and then drive home. I see how they buy the liquor at the nearby liquor store, small bottles, so they can smuggle ithem into the ball park and avoid the high prices.
    It is sad to see that the Red Sox can not be a bit more considered towards the Residents of the Fenway.
    Perhaps the Fenway needs it’s own revolution.
    Your our guest, stop behaving like the GORILLA on the block.

    1. Nick B says:

      You complain that people drive home drunk, but you’re also mad that the Red Sox haven’t built a parking garage for them to put their cars in while they’re drinking? You should try thinking sometime. But don’t hurt yourself.

    2. Brandon C. says:

      @ Patrick D: New HD screens will NOT increase the noise level, as they are not redoing the Audio. Just the visual. The scoreboards are not like a consumer TV set, with built in Audio, they are just there for displays, like a computer monitor. People smuggle things into every event, not just Fenway. I guarantee you this. If you don’t believe me, go to any public event where it is all ages, and you will see things being brought in by everyone, from flasks to nips. It happens. Clearly when you moved into the neighborhood, your broker or real estate agent must have told you about the ball park, which has been there longer than you. Have fun at your next pity party.

  3. Captain Al says:

    If you put lipstick on a pig, is it still a pig? Fenway Park is a dump, a bad place to watch a game and should be replaced with a modern park that is fan friendly and built to today’s standards. It’s overpiced and overhyped.

    1. Brandon C. says:

      Al, when’s the last time you went to a game? If it was prior to 2002, then things have changed. Even since 2005 to now it’s changed dramatically. What’s your idea of a model ball park then?

      1. Rod Mann says:

        SAFECO in Seattle

  4. Nick B says:

    Hooray! New seats in right. My butt wants to thank you, Larry. Also, do you think the umps will be able to see their bad calls now that the replays will be in Hi-Def?

    @ PatrickD: There’s no way you’ve lived in the Fenway long enough to call the park your guest. You should move.

    @Captain Al: I’m glad you want to have another modern vanilla ballpark instead of a historic monument. Maybe you should move too. Go be a Yankee fan.

  5. I. Will Rockwell says:

    What’s so historical about LEED Scoreboards and cupholders?

  6. REDSOX4LIFE says:

    hey Rodd Man.. Who wants to go to Safeco Field and sit in a huge park thats more then half empty and see some fairweather fans cheer for players like figgins who is barely hitting over mendoza line and drink lattes and over priced wine and eat fish and chips and chowder. Or sit up in the 300 level where you can barely see the field. SWEET! That sounds like a fun environment for baseball! Fenway has so much history and for people to be complaining about it clearly have not respect for the history of baseball and the Red Sox.

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