By Ken Tucci, WBZ-TVBy Dan Roche

I’m curious as to why Ray Allen points two fingers towards the ground after making a three pointer.  – Chris, Sudbury

Celtics great Ray Allen is shooting for the history books in tonight’s game against the Lakers.  If he sinks just 2 three-pointers he beats Reggie Miller’s all time record.  Miller hit 2560.

But have you ever noticed what Chris has noticed?  When Ray hits for 3 he points downward with 2 fingers.  Our own Steve Burton asked Allen about that and Ray answered:  “It’s just like letting them know that’s a 3 pointer right there.  That means it’s going down.”

Watch Ray Allen’s response.

But hey Ray, you point using 2 fingers, not 3!!??   But so what.   I personally don’t care how he acknowledges a 3 pointer…just as long as he keeps making them.

Good luck Ray!


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