BOSTON (CBS) – Researchers say spending for Valentine’s Day is up this year.

The average person will reportedly spend $116 for gifts.

And a new study from the University of New Hampshire suggests fear motivates men on Valentine’s Day.

Lisa van der Pool of the Boston Business Journal reports.

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  1. gramps says:

    Yesterday I bought two ‘Valentine Cards’ for Mrs. gramps…..

    Thought I had the ‘Valentine Base’ covered….I read this piece & now I find I have to include a check for $112.26…..”JUST TO BE AVERAGE”!


    1. Robin Langlois says:

      Gramps, as a woman, i’m sure Mrs. Gramps will be thrilled with the cards. I dont know who says you have to spend hundreds of dollars on valentine’s day. I know some woman want everything from the chocolates to the roses to the dinner out, but really as long as it’s acknowledged then they are very lucky to be getting anything.

  2. emom says:

    I love to get a card,,, to tell you the truth I rather no roses or chocolates, forget the dinner, on valentines day I rather spend time with my love. One year He brought home roses and chocolates,,,, As much as it was a very nice gift of love, I actually got mad at him….. Yes I love roses and chocolates, But at valentines day are you serious,,, the cost is 4 times the normal price, maybe even higher,,,, After that he chose my favorites, a bag of hershey chocolate and wild flowers, Yes my favs, Gramps she will love the cards , I would.
    Mrs gramps you have a gem of a guy…

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