BOSTON (CBS) – As homeowners struggle to cope with roof leaks and clogged storm drains, many may not be aware of another weather related risk around the home.

Residents need to be aware of the danger of carbon monoxide coming from clogged heating vents.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Doug Cope reports.

Officials are urging residents to make sure snow piles aren’t blocking the exhaust for furnaces or heaters, which can cause

“Be very mindful as a homeowner not to get them buried by snow during snowfalls, but also with so many roofs being cleared off, dumping the snow off the roof, a lot of people may not think that the snow is just burying them, and it’s very, very important to keep them clear,” said Michael Batista, a plumbing and heating contractor in Watertown.

Batista said he’s aware of the danger because it happened at his own house after he had a roofer remove snow and ice from his roof.


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