NASHUA, N.H. (AP) — The manager of the Radisson Hotel in Nashua, N.H., says the business is shutting down indefinitely for plumbing repairs due to frozen pipes and financial pressures, leaving customers and event organizers scrambling.

Chuck Crisler of the New Hampshire Orchid Society says Monday’s announcement means disaster for the 20th annual show scheduled at the Radisson from Feb. 11 to 13. He tells WMUR-TV that 7,000 postcards announcing the show have already been sent out.

Perfect Parties and Luxury Linens owner Scott St. Onge says brides and grooms were also blindsided by the hotel’s sudden closure. He says people were tasting the food and meeting with vendors on Monday.

The hotel with its distinctive Tudor castle design employs at least 100 people, who are now jobless.

Comments (4)
  1. NH Soccerknut says:

    This was a long time coming. Since Starwood sold this hotel it has been poorly managed. The guy who organized the purchased several years ago also was involved in the Holiday Inn in Portsmouth. First he lost that hotel and now this one.

    The AG’s office should take a look into this…

  2. Michelle Kelly says:

    Anyone who is hired to complete these repairs beware that the Radisson still has not paid contractors from the 2008 renovations. Get your money up front!! We have been chasing them for 2.5 years and have been told after repeated calls and letters that they have no idea of when payment will be made. The AG’s office should look into that too….

    1. Robin Langlois says:

      the AG’s office usually finds out about these things through tip lines. They are usually anonymous if you so choose but unless it is brought to their attention then they probably won’t investigate.

  3. Mizzy says:

    I’ve always avoided this hotel. But thats because the name makes me think of radishes, and I hate radishes

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