BOSTON (AP) – Speaker Robert DeLeo is asserting his control over the Massachusetts House of Representatives by assigning new jobs to two potential successors.

DeLeo announced Friday he was demoting Rep. James Vallee of Franklin from majority leader to chairman of the Veterans Affairs Committee.

He also removed Rep. Charles Murphy of Burlington as chairman of the budget-setting Ways and Means Committee. Instead, he will be majority whip.

Both Vallee and Murphy have courted their fellow Democrats in case DeLeo leaves, angering the speaker. DeLeo also was upset after internal deliberations during the chamber’s gambling debate leaked to the media.

Rep. Ronald Mariano of Quincy is the new majority leader. And Rep. Brian Dempsey of Haverhill is now Ways and Means chairman.

All are Democrats, as is the vast majority of the House.

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  1. cjygudwin says:

    DeLeo needs to go. Polititians who are behind the absurd financial excesses of the Police, Fire, and transport unions are always the most corrupt in this state.

  2. Ed Hall says:

    DeLeo won’t last long; the feds are already investigating him, and soon he will be the fourth Democratic House Speaker in a row to be indicted for corruption.

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