BOSTON (CBS) – The president defended the new health care law and renewed his call for immigration reform, but for the most part, he avoided political controversies in favor of bipartisanship.

It’s going to be hard for Republicans to dismiss an address that endorsed a number of their longtime goals, including an end to earmarks, but as the spin-o-meter tells us, not every part of this speech rang true.

Jon Keller is at large.

Jon Keller

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  1. markthefoamguy says:

    The President’s speech last night can be summed up by one word – fluff. It was much the same as the speech he gave in Denver back in 2008 – a pep rally that fell short on substance. While he acknowledged the stinging election last year, he failed to acknowledge the reasons behind it. While he acknowledged the out-of-control spending by the federal government, proposing a spending ‘freeze’ on discretionary spending is like trimming the nails on a rabid wolf. I’d give him a C-.

  2. DStein says:

    You can ignore anything and everything that comes out of Obama’s mouth. He is the most insincere President of my life time. He says what he thinks people want to hear. He did it to get elected, and now he’s doing it to get reelected.

    More important that listening to what Obama says is watching what he actually does. And what he does has generally been bad for this country.

  3. mikey says:

    The president came off as the Wizard of Oz but in this case the yellow brick road is paved with lemons – debt.

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