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What was the name of the blonde lady that was on with Jack Chase and Don Kent? She was from the Cape and you used to drag her out with her red cap when it snowed.  – Bob, Newburyport

That was Shelby Scott. 

She was famous for her storm coverage, always braving the elements (in her red cap) whenever New England was socked by snow.  I remember a newspaper article back in the day, where they measured the total height of the snow that fell one winter in “Shelbys,” instead of feet.

Though a lot of people remember her for storm coverage, Shelby was also a pioneer…one of the first women to do on-air reporting for television news.  Bob is correct that Shelby co-anchored the noon news here at channel 4 for many years with Jack Chase.  She was also part of the first female anchor duo with Gail Harris.

What are your memories of Shelby?

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  1. Cynic says:

    HOW COULD ANYONE FORGET SHELBY????????? It wasn’t a Snow Storm without her.

  2. Jay_Jay says:

    Love Shelby. How about an interview with her? Her fans miss her.

  3. macmum says:

    Shelby rocked! Snow storms haven’t been the same since she retired!. :-(

  4. DStein says:

    Shelby, Jack and Don always had my attention when we were waiting to hear the school closings. Of course there was no “crawl” at the bottom of the screen so Jack would have the tedious job of reading them off….and then re-reading them with updates later in the broadcast.

  5. Tin says:

    I remember Shelby!!! You knew we were in for a lot of snow if they brought Shelby out and stuck her in a snowbank!!!

  6. ron ballard says:

    shelby scott was a great pioneer of tv news. she was a fine person and the first woman to do tv news. she was far more than a storm reporter believe me.

  7. Jen in Lee NH says:

    I grew up during the Shelby years, and have been missing her this year. You’re right – it’s just not winter without Shelby in a snowbank.

  8. Norma Gray says:

    I miss seeing Shelby on TV but hope she doesn’t have to stay outside in the middle of a blizzard, anymore.

  9. I grew up in Boston, and I live in England now…I’m desperately trying to find some footage of Shelby in the storms…Can anyone help…

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