MATTAPOISETT (CBS) — A Mattapoisett track star is recovering from a gunshot wound, after he was apparently shot by deer hunters on Friday.

Michael Tiger, a senior at Old Rochester Regional High School, was running through the woods near the school with a couple of friends, like they always do, when something happened.

“We heard a gunshot, and I felt something clip my leg, like something hit it,” Tiger said. “I wasn’t sure at first, but I saw the bleeding and I saw a hole, as if it were a gunshot.”

WBZ News Radio’s Doug Cope reports.

Tiger underwent six hours of surgery. “(The bullet) went through my left calf… they said it was amazing how it went through most my leg, but missed every artery, blood vessel and bone.”

Tiger says he plans on staying out of the woods for a while.

Police have not identified the shooter. There were at least four hunters in the woods at the time Tiger was shot, police said.

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  1. sharpshooter says:

    Bulletin to Billy Bob the hunter!!!!! Deer have 4 legs and humans have 2.

  2. StanleyRamon says:

    Hey, let’s go hunting over by the school where the kids run track. Good idea.
    Guns should be outlawed.

    1. John says:

      Uneducated people like you should be outlawed. What’s to say it was intentional?

    2. Sue says:

      Guns should not be outlawed. Idiots who can’t use them properly should be outlawed. when an idiot causes an accident because they don’t handle a car properly and someone is hurt or killed you don’t outlaw cars do you?

    3. Blackers says:

      “Guns should be outlawed”. Leave my country, Stanny.

  3. John Joseph Grimes says:

    Look at it this way. If God hadn’t wanted men to hunt, he wouldn’t have given us plaid shirts.

  4. youme says:

    mass is a shot gun state so it wasnt a slug if it was it would have blown his leg off

    1. Hunter Dan says:

      Ummmm . . . there are TWO loads for deer that can be fired from a shotgun – SLUGS and BUCKSHOT. The former is preferable because it is much more powerful and results in a quick clean kill if you have a clear shot at a standing animal. The latter has been outlawed for deer hunting in many states because it encourages idiots to “throw lead” the minute they see a deer, regardless of whether its running, in heavy cover, etc. So contrary to your comment it could have been a slug – unless you can only use buckshot in MA – which would be an idiotic law to have but being MA I wouldn’t be surprised.

  5. Doug L says:

    Hopefully an accident! The general public have the woods for 10 months a year let hunters have it for 2 months a year.

    1. bob i says:

      well i’m a hunter and i see it all the time, kids and people in the woods during the hunting season,we have to wear orange clothing to hunt, people in the woods during the hunting should all wear orange,and better yet if your not hunting stay out of the woods especially during the hunting season, the public should know about the hunting season so accidents like this don’t happen and give all hunter a bad rap. i know about the hunting season and i keep my kid and dogs of the woods during this time,

      1. David says:

        Bob I, that is one of the most ignorant posts I have ever read. He shot a boy. Shot him. You got that?

      2. john B says:

        bob a little hash but you do have a point i live in upstate new york and if opening day falls on a school day we have none cause our bus drivers all hunt. i love to go snowboarding on our local hill but im not a dummy i make shure i wear colors that could never be mistaken for a deer and never go more than 500 yards in to the woods the required distance a hunter must be from any structure. but i cant really put my finger i would like to know more like what the kid was wearing and other factors before we all go making conclusions.

      3. xwang says:

        It was in an area with numerous NO HUNTING signs.

  6. W Michael Blevins says:

    Them track runners is good eatin’

    Lil’ bit of olive oil, some sea sale, black pepper, grill to medium rare, you gotta get yours early in the season though to get a good one, and be a good shot too…not like this fool…shooting one in the leg…messin’ up the dark meat…jeez.

  7. hackwannabe says:

    They could always do a ballistic test on the guns that were fired from the hinters that day.
    This is what happens when you get some Yahoo that doesn’t know what the x he was doing.
    The schools should have also warned the kids that during hunting season Stay out of the woods or wear Orange.
    The Blame goes on the “hunter” the guy evidently had a little too much schnapps, Always identify your shot and know where it is going.

  8. hydro99 says:

    shotgun season is over, it is muzzle loader now. I’m sure it was probably a stray shot from a hunter that missed a deer. And who’s to say that these kids weren’t trespassing on private property?? You can’t just go running into the woods on any trail that you feel like going down….especially during hunting season! DUH!! Should have had hunter orange on

    1. hydro99 says:

      oops, on friday it was still shotgun season, but it still could have been from a muzzle loader as they can hunt during shotgun season.

    2. xwang says:

      It was on Land Trust land which has NO HUNTING signs.

  9. bob i says:

    Dave Ur not to bright yourself, i’m sure he really wanted to shoot the boy, why don’t you go for a run in the wood

  10. john B says:

    i don’t know haw many of u r hunters but if im in the wood and i hear leaves crackling u better believe im gonna get my gun ready to take a shot if a clear on is presented but i want the fact like what the boy was wear. And i would like to know what time it was cause i think its scetchy that the hunter did not come forward cause some time hunters have the habit to go out in the morning come in around noon have a few beers and then hit the woods again so i hope he wasnt drunk but that would be hard to prove know anyway

    1. xwang says:

      It was in a no hunting zone.

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