By Levan Reid, WBZ SportsBy Levan Reid

BOSTON (CBS) — Here are some news and notes from around the NFL and beyond.

For those of you not hoping for a lockout, here is some news you are not going to like. The NFL players’ union has advised its members to prepare for a lockout that it expects to come in March and they are telling players to save their last three game checks this year in case there isn’t a 2011 season.

In a letter to the players that was seen by The Associated Press, NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith said the union had an “internal deadline” for agreeing to a new collective bargaining agreement. “That deadline has now passed,” Smith wrote. “It is important that you protect yourself and your family.”

Former Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress, has broken his silence. Childress told the St. Paul Pioneer Press in a story released Friday that “I didn’t do everything perfectly, but I felt I coached my way.”

“I left that job in a lot better shape than we were in (in 2006),” Childress said from his home in Bonita Springs, Fla. Childress, who went 39-35 as the Vikings’ coach, acknowledged the sharp contrast between last season’s ride to the NFC Championship Game and this season’s troubled campaign, drowned amidst rumors of in-fighting and a lost locker room.

“What a difference 365 days can make,” Childress told the newspaper. “You pull yourself into your work the best way you can each and every week, and you never expect something like this to happen. You go into every week thinking you’ll win.”

Fresh off vacation, Soccer 6 chimes in with her thoughts on the week and 6 starts with the Kardashian’s. I have got to say, this family is forever in the spotlight. Someone needs to shine the light someplace else.

Soccer tells us Kim Kardashian is now dating Halle Berry’s baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry. The two were seen at a Lakers game cheering for Chloe’s husband, Lamar Odom.

First and foremost, I am stunned. I just assumed that Kim would only date athletes. She better be careful though. Dating Halle’s ex could have some interesting moments on those weekends when there’s visitation. I am sure those kid hand off moments will be captured by all the paparazzi and Soccer 6.

6 tells us that Barbara Walter’s annual sit down with the “Ten Most Fascinating People” is coming up. Now one of those ten is Lebron James…. SHOCKER!!!.

Apparently Soccer’s sources say James has something in common with Sandra Bullock. I love Sandra Bullock and can’t imagine what Lebron has in common with her. They’re not both from Cleveland, Sandra got jilted and Lebron did the jilting and Lebron can not act. Maybe they both like throwing baby powder in the air before they go to work. 6 needs to fill us in on this one.

Speaking of Lebron, Soccer tells us he is still taking a beating for “The Decision” and frankly, he should. Lebron went about that whole thing the wrong way and then tried to say, ‘I was just raising money for the Boys and Girls Club of America.’ Cut them a fat check Lebron, they don’t need to be pawns in your ridiculous off season mess.

Anyway, 6 says now a video has surfaced that has Michael Jordan questioning James. It was obviously doctored by a Lebron hater but 6 says it’s worth checking out. It’s called, “Maybe You Should Rise.”

Finally, Soccer6 says for all you Real World/Road Rules Challenge fans, one of your heroes has hit the big time. Mike “The Miz” Mizanin is now the WWEWorld Champion. I have got to say, this is why 6 is on the payroll. This is real reporting right here. Wrestling and entertainment is what we need more of. That’s real talk.

6 says “Miz” got his start on MTV and now he’s a fake sport champion. Now that is the American dream.

Thank for reading everybody and as always thank you Soccer 6.


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