BOSTON (CBS) — Danroy Henry Sr. and his family are meeting with Sen. Scott Brown and Sen. John Kerry and will ask the Justice Department to perform an independent investigation into the shooing death of 20-year-old DJ Henry last month.

Danroy Henry (File Photo)

The family left for Washington, DC on Thursday.

Meantime, Danroy Henry says the test that shows his son had an elevated blood-alcohol level at the time of his death is inconclusive.

He says they don’t know when that test was taken. “We don’t know that information because it was omitted from the sample,” he said in a YouTube video. “Why it was omitted, I just don’t know, but it is critical information, it should have been there.”

WBZ News Radio’s Doug Cope reports.

Henry, a Pace University football player, was killed Oct. 17 near the scene of a bar disturbance in Thornwood, N.Y.

Police said he sped away in his car and hit two officers, but some witnesses dispute that account.

WBZ-TV’s Kate Merrill reports

Sen. Brown released a statement after meeting with the Henry family. In it he says he was saddened and disturbed by the shooting death.

“I sympathize with D.J.’s parents and how powerless they feel in attempting to find out what happened the night their son was killed, yet many of their questions remain unanswered,” Sen. Brown said in the statement. “Currently, a grand jury is investigating this incident. I believe we owe it to all the parties involved to give the grand jury time to complete its work.”

Sen. Brown added that his office will continue to monitor the case to ensure a fair and thorough investigation is completed and the family gets the answers they deserve.

WBZ News Radio’s Doug Cope contributed to this report.

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  1. Cynic says:

    This will only be resolved by a Federal Civil Rights investigation. Unfortunately that usually doesn’t come until AFTER the case is Bagged at the local level.

  2. beaches says:

    This whole thing is fishy on the part of the police. It’s as if they’re saying it was his fault because he was drinking. They’re digging deep for excuses. Since when do you break up a fight with your guns drawn?

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