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The hills are alive with the sound of eleventh-hour governor’s race polls. And while last night’s Suffolk poll – and today’s fresh crop from Rasmussen and the State House News Service (subscription required) – all have Gov. Patrick ahead with margins ranging from one to seven points, I recommend turning up the music and ignoring them. The polls are interesting, no doubt, but keep in mind, they’re all based on likely voters, and the gigantic wild card next Tuesday is who will actually show up at the polls, and in what numbers. I suspect no one has a sophisticated enough polling model to accurately predict that this year. So whatever you do, don’t let the polls affect your voting behavior. Just go do it, and then tune in TV 38 at 8pm on Tuesday for Boston’s only continuous broadcast TV coverage of election night (which will alternate through the night with WBZ-TV).

Comments (5)
  1. Jessica Callaghan says:

    Please step down Mr. Patrick. We vote you out this election. Please step down, step down. Your step down is your happiness.

    1. Jessica Callaghan says:

      Mr. Patrick’s step down is our happiness in Massachusetts.

  2. dankennedy says:

    Jon, I have to bang out a piece for the Guardian on Tuesday night explaining why Patrick won or lost, and what it means for Obama. So could I ask you to call the race as early as possible? Thank you.

    1. Jon Keller says:

      Yes, I can call the governor’s race right now. The winner will be: democracy.

  3. mikey says:

    Democracy or all those anonymous political advertisers?