BOSTON (WBZ-TV) – Engaged couples spend months planning and thousands paying for their wedding day.

But all the planning in the world can’t prevent unforeseen disasters like a hurricane, illness or a change of heart.

That’s why Maureen Tamuri and her fiancé thought it was important to buy wedding insurance.

Insurance experts say wedding policies are popular because they cover just about everything, even liability.

“That liability coverage is really important and sometimes you don’t get that liability out of your traditional policies,” explained insurance agent Pete Moraga.

“The people that are putting on the wedding want to have the financial security in case something happens, like the caterer going out of business or the venue closes down,” he said.

Even if your photographer is a no-show, wedding insurance will pay to re-stage the entire event so the photos can be taken on another day.

A basic cancellation policy for an average wedding is about $200.

The cheapest policy will run you about $95.

Some wedding insurance policies can be purchased just 24 hours before the event.

“What you are talking about is protecting an investment that we as a couple are making,” Maureen said.

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