(BOSTON) WBZ – A Marine from North Andover who survived male breast cancer is now selling a calendar to help raise awareness about the rare disease.

48-year-old Peter Devereaux found a lump on his chest in January 2008. “Naturally I was shocked my head was spinning,” said Devereaux. “How could I have breast cancer if you don’t have breasts?”

He immediately started 14 months of treatment, including a mastectomy.

Several months after being diagnosed, Devereaux received a letter from the Marines saying that he may have come in contact with contaminated water while he was stationed at Camp LeJeune in 1980.

“There was a water contamination problem from 1957-1987 and, to date, 65 men from the base have been diagnosed with Male Breast cancer,” Devereaux told WBZ.

Now he and several other Marines or sons of Marines who battled the disease have come together to pose for the calendar titled “Men, Breast Cancer and the Environment: A Photographic Journey.”

“In general, don’t we always try to belong to something bigger than ourselves? This was it and I felt like this was part of a movement that will make it alright for guys to say ‘I have male breast cancer, alright? Let’s move on.’ …Not only will this calendar raise awareness and education, it will also fund a study to support our hopes to find a cure.”

The calendar is a partnership with David Fox Photographer and Art beCAUSE Breast Cancer Foundation, whose mission is to look at the environment and breast cancer. You can order them at artbecause.org for $20 plus shipping.

Art BeCAUSE will be hosting a gala on Oct. 14 at the Castle at the Park Plaza. All the photos will be on display and several marines will be attending the event.


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