'Curious' Why Brokers Charge More For TicketsWBZ

Want a ticket to the Winter Classic at Fenway Park?

Prepare to pay through the nose.

Bruins season ticket holders were offered the tickets between $50 and $350.

Brokers are now selling those tickets anywhere from $350 to $2,500 a seat.

This has James in Needham curious.

He wonders,

“How do ticket agencies have the right to spike up ticket prices almost $2,000 for events like the Winter Classic and Patriot games, but when a fan buys and sells a ticket for more than face value, it’s illegal?”

WBZ-TV checked and found that state law says that you can only scalp a ticket for $2 over face value, but brokers can charge whatever the market will pay.

So why are some events like the Winter Classic so expensive?

The answer is easy, it’s because of demand.

We spoke with a local ticket broker.

“It’s the same as hotel rooms, you’re selling it for different prices,” said John Higgins.

Just because an event is sold out, it doesn’t mean you necessarily have to pay inflated ticket prices.

Check Ticketmaster, even hours before the event.

Concert producers will periodically release tickets originally set aside for VIPs and promotions.

Higgins said that patience can pay off.

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