Hour 1:

  • Ellsbury’s back…finally. But is he welcome?
  • Kiss will be performing at Comcast Center Aug. 7. Paul Stanley is bound to talk a lot.
  • Did Brett Favre send penis pictures to Jenn Sterger of Versus? She told Deadspin it’s true, but is there proof?
  • Male Bag- To retire, or not to retire. That is the question that the public is yet again waiting to hear Brett Favre answer. Pink Hats cheer on Ellsbury. Shaq attack.

Hour 2:

  • Nolan Ryan group outbids Mark Cuban for Texas Rangers auction.
  • Drunken Red Sox Recap- Meet Mike and Lauren.
  • Fred whines about the ovation Ellsbury got, and didn’t deserve. It was fitting that the first close up shot was of a Pink Hat.
  • Speaking of Pink Hats, Adolfo asks one seven questions. Rich contends that we hear the worse answer yet.

Hour 3

  • Should Mark Cuba own an MLB team?
  • Is Deadspin unethical for running the story about Brett Favre sending Jenn Sterger photos of his penis? She said it was off the record.
  • More Favre- He texted to teammates that he was retiring. Now it depends on his injury. Ed Warner interviewed him from his manly truck.
  • Game- Finish the KISS line. Thanks you Paul Stanley, for your ridiculous and sometimes homosexual remarks.

Hour 4

  • Ken Rosenthal rumor- Hypothesises that Carlos Delgato is an option for teams, even though he is demanding to be on a contending team and get regular playing time. Do the Sox want him? Fred says no way.
  • Fred complains about a new service he is paying for screwing him over. They are trying to sell him a package so that it won’t cost money for them to do repairs in the future.
  • A. Sherrod Blakely calls in and talks about Shaq. He says that he will show up more around playoff time. He also says that Scalabrini will probably not be on the Celtics next season. His prediction is that Orlando will win in the East.
  • Most Annoying Fans bracket- Who will win? Oakland Raiders fans who might kill you, or New York Jets fans who make you want to kill yourself?
  • Steve Carell is leaving “The Office”- Will Ricky Gervais replace him?
  • You Listened, Now Discuss- Louis CK, Scalabrini, Favre, Lance Armstrong called out by MMA fighter Chael Sonnen.
  • Crossover- Dan Roche is filling in for Zolak. Gresh makes fun of Fred for whining, so he gets cut off and plays Huey Louis and the News.

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