Honest  to God,  I don’t know which is more of a nail-biter……waiting to see if the (not so) Great and General Court of Massachusetts has the lack of wisdom to legalize slot machines and poker tables….or if Slick Willie’s kid is married yet in upstate New York.

     Time is fast running out for legalizing casinos in Massachusetts, since the legislative session officially comes to a close tomorrow night.    But on the other hand, there are some rumblings that a compromise is in the making and it just might squeak through afterall.     I doubt it.    I really doubt it, particularly if the slot machine part of it is included.    I may have to eat these words in a little more than 24-hours from right now, but I’m still betting (pun intended) that cooler heads will prevail and this state will not allow slot machines at the race tracks et al.    I don’t care if they are all in Speaker DeLeo’s district, it’s a sleazy way for this state, or any other state, to squeeze the constituents for another pile of cash.    What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas….. for a reason; it’s about the only place in the country that welcomes that much sleaze and debauchery with room to spread into the desert.  Good place for it!

     Oh, and back to Slick Willie’s kid for a moment.   Good luck to Chelsea, she seems like a nice young woman, but if I see or listen to one more national television report on the “Wedding of the Century” or the event which may be “Americas Royal Wedding” I might have to reach for the ipecac.   This is just another over-the-top flaunting of wealth which is becoming real obnoxious of late (just ask John Forbes Kerry).

     Yes I know full well, if I keep this up, I may never get invited to hob-nob with Barbara Streisand in upstate New York, or go sailing with Mrs. Heinz on their 7-million dollar tax-dodging sailboat in Rhode Island……..but……..I’m good with that!!