Hour 1:

  • Wallach’s brain has a technical malfunction.
  • Bruins talk- Why would Bruins trade Marc Savard? Devils sign worst deal in sports history.
  • Male Bag- Gary Carter, Hits the J Guy, lip smacker.

Hour 2:

  • Which stadiums are the best? AT&T Park in San Francisco, Chicago’s U.S. Cellular has the best hot dogs and Camden Yards.
  • Bubbie is still around, and even Milo has had enough. When Fred comes home, Milo charges him.  She isn’t actually helping a whole lot…she is mostly annoying Fred.
  • Pat Riley has his eyes on Doc Rivers for the Miami Heat. It is a possibility he’ll go, since it means Rivers will be closer to his family.
  • Brett Favre at it again. Even his friend and agent Bus Cook gets pissed and calls Favre a drama queen. Favre holds teams hostage and needs to learn to walk away.

Hour 3:

  • Game- How long does it take Dice K to throw the ball?
  • Price is Right- Is going on the game show and winning actually worth it? We hear a story involving a hot tub that actually cost the winner a good chunk of money.
  • Burt Breer talks Patriots and Tom Brady…a lot.
  • Audio clip of an 11-year-old’s dad flipping out at the computer because she got some hate messages. We learn the interesting back story to all of this.
  • Parenting vs. Technology- Fred and Rich’s kids will be using Zach Morris cell phones and logging onto the computer in a fish tank in the middle of the living room.

Hour 4:

  • Policing television vs. children’s internet activity.
  • Ilya Kovalchuck’s 17-year deal.
  • Dwayne Wade gets guff for saying losing a few games isn’t like the World Trade Center coming down.
  • Shake weight for men distracts Rich and Wallach.
  • Rich sees last 15 minutes of “The Human Centipede” to see what kind of people watch this movie in the middle of the afternoon on a Monday. He interview’s the only other person in the theater.
  • Fred teased Adolfo at a meeting yesterday and he got upset.
  • You Listened, Now Discuss- Wades comment, “The Human Centipede,” “Zombieland” and more.
  • Crossover- Comedies, namely Will Ferrell movies.