On occasion, WBZ-TV will agree to license video footage of our newscasts to other organizations for broadcast or corporate development.  If you want to have your licensing request considered, please submit a detailed, written description of exactly the WBZ-TV video you are requesting, how you intend to use the video, how  much video you intend to use, and when you intend to broadcast/present the video.

You can mail your request to: WBZ-TV, Attention Public Relations Department, 1170 Soldiers Field Road, Boston, MA 02134.  Or you can email your request to klandry@cbs.com.

Please understand that WBZ-TV is a major media company and therefore a very limited number of these requests will be able to be fulfilled. Thank you!

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  1. Jack Guerin says:

    I was on a show in mid 1970’s Get Off Your Block, not sure if you or a service that you may have, where I can look up that particular show? I could not find an archive link, maybe you do not go that far back? Thanks for checking into this.

  2. Diane Mayne says:

    I’m serching for an accident report from July 1973…”Spectacular Accident”..RT. 93 North near Summerville exit. First National truck driver Clive Williams from Pembroke MA. Walked away from it…the truck was in pieces, hes was still in the cab of the truck as it crossed the Jersey barrier..the cab & he were hanging over the edge on the othere side of the highway. I have tried to search this but you don’t have an archive option. I would really like to get this video & or any pictures & info. Thank you, Diane

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