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WWE vs. TNA and the in ring return of Hulk Hogan and it’s all this Monday night.  If you are like me and you used to love wrestling back in the Attitude era and the N.W.O. then you are hopeful that the magic might return.  Why?  It’s this Monday night that the only game in town, the WWE, finally has some competition as T.N.A. goes live head to head with Monday Night Raw.

Who knows if TNA will make an impact in WWE’s ratings but it will – at the very least – make WWE step up their game.   For those who don’t know, TNA is now headed up by none other than Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff.  The two men who took WCW from a little southern orginization to a monster corporation.  The same two men who buried WCW into the ground and ultimately dismantled and bought by Vince McMahon.  Yes, Hogan and Bischoff have brought in every person that isnt currently in WWE and yes, most of them are as old as your grandfather BUT here is why I have hope:  If you think back to the early days of WCW they started out the same way.  Live every other Monday, old guys wrestling, cheesy pyro and small crowds and then look at what WCW turned into.  It became huge and it made Monday nights awesome!

Clicking back and forth from TNT to USA network, seeing what Stone Cold would do to McMahon, what the N.W.O. would do next.  I think Bischoff and Hogan have learned from their mistakes at WCW and I don’t think that they will allow the talent to “run the show” and I also think that they will get the formula right this time.  I think they will use the older guys, the older stars to highlight the younger and thus making a good show all around.  I don’t think we’ll ever see wrestling ever get back to what is once was in those days but I hope it will at least give us something to click to once Jack Bauer saves the world in a couple of hours.

  1. Frank says:

    Please?!?!? The other day I went and looked at the roster for TNA and looked like the WWE of the early 2000’s. At least back in the days of the first Monday Night War there was some original WCW/NWA people there that added to some of the WWF/E releases that happen during that time. Now there is very few TNA people and lots of WWE (and some that were active in WCW during the first War). I’ve not watched TNA because it was starting to remind me of the WCW and now more & more it is with all the “old-timers” showing up there. Plus it sounds like they’re reviving the old storylines that happened back in the days. Let start something new TNA and leave the WCW in the past.

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