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Back in the day there was WWE and WCW as the two big two as far as wrestling companies went.  How WCW really started competing with WWE was when they decided to go head to head with them on Monday nights.  Will WWE have new competition?  Will there be new Monday Night Wars? 

A few months ago, TNA Wrestling hired Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and his production company to “take over” TNA and their creative department to take them to the next level.  One thing that you can tell with this is that Hogan and Bischoff seem to have learned from their mistakes on how they ended up killing WCW and do not want to make that mistake with TNA.  WCW ended up going under because they let the talent and the egos took over and run the show which ended up basically being the straw that killed it in the long run.  Now this is a new beginning for Hogan and Bischoff and this time they want and need to do it the right way and learn from their mistakes.

After an “experiment” a few weeks ago on going head to head on Monday nights with WWE seemed to have proved successful it was announced that they would go to Monday nights from now on and compete with WWE head to head each week.  Just like when WCW started, there will be a live show on a Monday and the next week will be a taped show.  The great thing is thatpeople may forget is that this is how WCW got started and ended up beating WWE.  You can tell that TNA is bringing back the wrestlers of yesteryear to try to generate excitement but they need to highlight their younger talent.  Some will say that this is a bad idea but you need to understand that this is exactly how WCW started.  TNA has brought in the Scott Hall’s and X-Pac’s of the world to work but ultimately their job is to showcase the younger talent and show that TNA has everything that WWE has.  TNA convinced Spike TV that they should go live every other Monday and that is great because what it is doing is making WWE make their product better – even though they wont admit it.

I know that at the end of the day nothing will ever compare to the old Monday night wars.  There will never be another Rock, Stone Cold and Mick Foley going head to head against the NWO, Goldberg and the Nitro Girls but what this will do is make the Monday night product that much better.  That is a win win for all wrestling fans everywhere.  Starting now, Monday nights will get better all around.  Monday nights will be exciting again because what competition does is bring out the best in everyone.  Let the Monday Night Wars begin again and let’s all enjoy it.


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