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New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick doesn’t plan on hiring a defensive coordinator to replace Dean Pees.

Belichick told Friday he plans on taking a bigger role in the team’s defense and will split other duties among his defensive assistants. He also said he doesn’t plan on naming an offensive coordinator.

“Titles are fine, nothing wrong with them,” Belichick said, “but the most important thing is each person’s role, that we do everything we can to help the players succeed – everyone collectively getting the job done.”

Josh Boyer, Matt Patricia, Pepper Johnson and Pat Graham remain from last year’s defensive coaching staff. Corwin Brown, a former Patriots safety, has joined the team to coach the defensive backs along with Boyer.

Quarterbacks Coach Bill O’Brien, who oversaw the offensive play calling last season, will remain in that position.

Comments (6)
  1. steve benson says:

    Belichick is out of control. I think it is time for the cheapass Krafts to serious look at getting a new guy.

  2. g says:

    Steve…you’ve apparently lost your mind!!! And who would you recommend take over?

  3. marty says:

    I’ve been been a fan since Grogan, and I’ve loved what BIll has done for the organization… and far be it for me to question Bill’s thinking on this, but I question Bill’s thinking on this. Too much for one person to shoulder, this can’t be good.

  4. Sean says:

    Gruden or Jim Harbaugh

  5. Kevin Luiz says:

    Gruden is under TV contract for another year.
    I think it’s great that Bill is taking over the D but i do think he needs some help with the offensive playcalling. Too bad about Weiss

  6. Rick says:

    Let’s look at this logically, from Belichick’s perspective…..EVERY one of the past coordinators have been hired by another team. I think he is tired of having to replace his so called “coordinator”. So, if the coordinator’s job is spread amongst several individuals, and there is no one called “coordinator”, he may be able to retain his staff a bit longer. I don’t think he will be actually be performing in the coordinator’s role, just Belichick throwing a smoke screen.

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