weather alert generic clouds
The WBZ Storm Watch Weather Team has rolled out a new way to keep you informed and prepared for all kinds of adverse weather. When weather conditions are forecast to significantly impact your day, the WBZ Weather Team will issue a Storm Watch Weather Alert.

Depending on the certainty and type of weather event, our weather team will alert you several hours, or in some cases several days in advance. You will notice this alert on WBZ-TV, and via our various Social Media outlets.

Along with the alert, our team will detail what exactly is expected, as well as the various impacts and their level of certainty and severity.

The alert could be declared for any significant and impactful weather event including:

• Wintry weather, including snow and/or ice
• Hazardous travel due to various weather conditions
• Coastal or Inland Flooding
• Severe weather including thunderstorms, hail or possible tornadoes
• High or damaging winds
• Hurricanes or Tropical storms
• Severe heat and cold outbreaks

It is important to note that a Weather Alert declared by our weather team is different from that of a severe watch or warning issued form the National Weather Service. When our local NWS office issues watches and warnings we will continue to pass this information along to you.