“I’m in love with Audi.”

The Ride
The Driver: Hillary
Vehicle in Question: 2012 Black Audi A4 Quattro Premium Plus S-Line
Spotted at: Walden Pond, Concord, MA 01742

Odometer: 31
Nickname: Coco


Q: Hi Hillary, thanks for meeting up with me at Walden Pond to show off your new car. Can you tell me a little bit about it?

A: My car is a 2012 Audi A4 Quattro Premium Plus S-Line. It’s got a sport package. I’m still getting to know my car. I literally picked it up at 3 p.m. today.

Q: What did you have before this?

A: I had a 2007 Lexus GX470.

Q: What made you decide to switch to the Audi?

A: It was partly to be green. I was feeling guilty about my carbon footprint, driving my gas-guzzler. It was my form of downsizing. Also, I’ve never had a driver’s car and this is a driver’s car.

Q: Is it fast?

A: Yea. Even just taking the corners on the exits, the suspension tightens up. It’s really a different experience.

Q: When you were looking at cars, what made you go with this one?

A: When I was working in Vermont, my boss there drove an Audi A4 wagon stick. I drove it while I was there and it was a lot of fun. Then I brought my brought my Lexus to my mechanic to get repaired and he loaned me the Audi A8. After that, I was like, I’m in love with Audi. My next car is going to be an Audi.

Q: Can you tell me your buying story?

A: I drive a hard bargain. I said, here is my car, here is what I want, if you can make that figure work, than we have a deal. If not, it’s ok, I’ll keep my old car. But I got the call that they located the car I wanted, the numbers work, and I was like, OK, let’s do it.

Q: Tell me about locating your car.

A: Greg Johnson, my sales guy at Audi Burlington was awesome. He texted me, emailed me. He was very involved and made sure I got everything that I wanted. They didn’t have the car I wanted on the lot, not surprised. At that point I just figured it wasn’t going to happen. Then he located this car. The dealer that the car was tagged for had not picked it up and it had been sitting there for a couple of days. So we were able to locate it. I signed paperwork on Friday and the car arrived Monday morning. It literally got unwrapped yesterday.

Q: What was it that you requested in the new car?

A: Black on black. Fully loaded. It even has a DVD player. I mean, who is watching a DVD while driving?

Q: Do you plan to install autostart in this car?

A: Yes, and tint the windows. Autostart is amazing. In the summer, you get your car cooled down. In the winter, you get your car warmed up. It’s just ready to go, as opposed to just sitting in your car. When I’m ready to go, I just want to go.

Photos and interview by Melissa Ostrow

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