– By Emily Olson

Asking local Bostonians about their favorite watering holes and after work locales is always a fun learning experience.

CBS Boston asked Matt Lauzon, founder and CEO of the me-commerce jewelry company Gemvara, about where he likes to spend his nights away from the office.  Check out his picks and what he likes to drink when the weather gets cold.

Photo Credit: Joel Benjamin


Name: Matt Lauzon
Age: 26
How long have you lived in Boston? 7 years

Occupation: CEO & Founder – Gemvara.com

Photo Credit: Redlanternboston.com

What is your favorite bar for an after work drink?

Red Lantern Restaurant and Lounge! Good drinks, awesome atmosphere and service, and the duck buns are phenomenal! I always seem to recommend them or take friends there. I’ve definitely become somewhat of a “regular”.

What is the best Boston neighborhood for a weekend bar crawl?

Back Bay – It has everything you need.

What bar/nightclub do you always take friends to when they come for a visit?

RedLantern, always.

Photo Credit: JerryRemys.com

When you think of a classic “Boston” bar, which one do you think of?

JerryRemys – think of it as the new-classic Boston bar.

Do you change your hang-out locations once the weather turns colder?

Somewhat. I’m feeling a bit adventurous this winter. I might head over to Temazcal and brave the high winds of the seaport. It’s close to our new headquarters for Gemvara.com and the drinks are great!

What beverage do you enjoy in the colder months that you would not order in the summer?

A Hot Toddy is always good for warming up, so it’s definitely a winter favorite- but keep it low on the honey and water.


A Southern girl born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Emily Olson is pursuing a master’s degree in gastronomy at Boston University.  On the weekends, she can be found at farmer’s markets, wine tastings, and testing new recipes in her kitchen all documented on her blog http://whatemilycooks.com.