Teamwork is the best, and bonding as a family in an endeavor that benefits the community you live in is icing on the cake. These organizations make it not only easy but enjoyable to volunteer as a group, be it birthday gift giving to clearing the brambles for baby birds to flourish, the choices are left for you to decide at the next family meeting.
Volunteers for Cradles to Crayons Massachusetts packaged clothing, books and toys. (WBZ-TV)

Volunteers for Cradles to Crayons Massachusetts packaged clothing, books and toys. (WBZ-TV)

Cradles To Crayons
155 No. Beacon St.
Boston, MA 02135
(617) 779-4700

The Giving Factory is in the business of creating one-of-a-kind kid packs with the help of local children and their families. Volunteers take gently use items donated for children and organize them into individual gifts for disadvantaged youths. The factory itself is able to accommodate large groups; volunteer for two hour sift at the station that fits your favorite items. Inspect clothing, toys, nursery items, books and more — there is quite an assortment and plenty of opportunities. Learn to work as a team, or take your team building to the next level as a volunteer family this summer with Cradles to Crayons of Boston.

(Image Credit: Friends Of Boston's Homeless)

(Image Credit: Friends Of Boston’s Homeless)

Friends Of Boston’s Homeless
12 Wise St.
Boston, MA 02130
(617) 942-8683

Woods Mullen Shelter hosts meals for the homeless in the area and is always welcoming groups and families willing to serve and be a part of an activities night. Friends of Boston Homeless will make sure the date your family chooses to volunteer for an activity like BINGO is simple and fun, set up for not only those who are served to enjoy but the volunteers to have a full experience that makes a difference. There is something wonderful in an unexpected smile, so fill your day with many of them by volunteering at Woods Mullen Shelter. The staff will do all of the preparations, of course, if that is something you’d enjoy then just say the word. Every day is special whenever the chance to offer your time to a worthy cause is included. There are many other opportunities to host parties or to put together a housewarming basket in the comfort of your home. Look into the list of ideas the agency has collected, and chose what best fits your family.

One Guest St.
Boston, MA 02135

WGBH and the organizers of FUNFEST are looking for volunteers at the face painting, games, ice cream kiosk and ticket tables. This is an annual event where ice cream and PBS characters are mingled together. Inflatable rides, a host of fun prize winning games and tons of ice cream make the day well worth having the whole family volunteer. Contact the WGBH Studio before July 16, the actual day of FUNFEST, to reserve a place at any of the stations you think the family would enjoy the most. And be sure to not fill up too much on ice cream. There will be plenty of dancing to live music, a bouncing house and other activities in store to burn off that extra sugar!

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(Image Credit: Birthday Wishes)

(Image Credit: Birthday Wishes)

Birthday Wishes
11  Homer St.
Newton Centre, MA 02459
(866) 388-9474

Volunteering at the Birthday Wishes head quarters gives not only the gift of a birthday to an underprivileged child but also gives the family many different activities to participate in. The options are ample — choose to stock shelves with gifts by age, wrap presents, build a birthday box or create a goody bag, just a few volunteer ideas. There is also a mission, if you chose to deliver the surprise birthday boxes, taking the gifts to children who will be overjoyed. Bring along the teenager with time on their hands to make a commitment volunteering on a weekly basis, once your family starts this adventure it may just become the special place to be all year-round.

Pulling Partners 
10 Jupiter Road
Belmont, MA 02478

Something special for the nature loving families begins with Pulling Partners, a program designed for those who wish to volunteer for the Mass Audubon Society and Wildlife Sanctuary based in Boston. Plant a tree, weed a garden, feed the goats or enjoy time by the water with specialized filtration and cleaning equipment. For the novice, beginner and life long enthusiast, there is much to offer that begins with rejuvenating our natural habitats in the way of family volunteering. If enjoying the summer sun is a big plus, then consider enjoying the trails, fields and forests while making a difference in the life of our New England wildlife.

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