There’s beer. There’s wine. There’s liquor. And then there’s top shelf liquor. When you’re looking for only the best in spirits, these places are sure to please. You can learn more about each of these establishments by searching our archives for our Top Shelf Reviews.


The staff at Craigie On Main is all about accommodation. You feel like they really want to make you a drink. The drinks at this French-inspired restaurant/bar are created as if crafting the perfect meal. Seasonal, ingredients can include rhubarb, juniper, sage, and blood orange. They also have an amazing collection of bitters and infused syrups – and the staff knows how to use them.

(credit: Drink's Facebook page)

As you step down into this historic Fort Point establishment you realize this isn’t your average watering hole. Drink is a painter’s palate of flavors, scents and moods. The bar uses no drink list. Instead they inquire about a patron’s mood or favorite flavors. The bar’s drink artists then create a masterpiece using such items as fresh rosemary growing right in the room, rose water from antique medicine droppers and premier aged spirits. No two drinks are ever the same.

In the shadow of Fenway park is a modern day bar with an old school, French-inspired twist. Sitting at the 40-foot-long marble bar, drinks aren’t turned out at assembly line speeds. They take time to create, but anything worthwhile is worth the wait. The Pisco Sour and traditional Mint Julip are famous here. The bar manager and staff usually shy away from garnish and trimmings because they can be distracting from the drink.


Where would Paul Revere stop off for a drink on his glorious ride if it was held tonight? The Russell House Tavern is that stop off. Nestled in the heart of Harvard Square, this bar has an extensive collection of scotch, bourbon and cordials. This is the drink aficionado’s choice for old school classics with a bite. Ingredients are simple, including Allspice Dram, Ginger Beer and Angostura.


A fusion of the past, present and future, the Woodward is inside the Ames Hotel. The hotspot serves up creative variations on your favorite standards like the Good Time Margarita infused with chamomile agave nectar and the Hemingway Daiquiri blended with Orinoco rum, maraschino and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. Along with premier liquors, the recipes have fresh spices and herbs as some of the essentials ingredients. These recipes are expertly handled by some of the best mixologists in the country, with an extensive history in the industry.

Shawn Sixx is a producer for CBS Radio Boston’s WZLX. He is also a contributing writer for AMP Magazine and Ryan’s Smashing Life.