Unless, by some stroke of luck or good fortune, you find yourself unfeasibly wealthy, the odds are fairly good that you will have to wake up and go to work come Monday morning. Arguable, Monday is the most difficult of all the week’s days to shake off the sleep and get motivated, so it’s no wonder that delaying its onset sounds like a great idea. It’s nice to have a place to go on a Sunday night to momentarily forget the stress of that impending daily grind. Here are Boston’s best destinations to keep the good times rolling all the way into the wee hours of Monday morning. Just don’t forget to set that alarm.

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The Cocktail Bar: Drink
348 Congress St.
Boston, MA. 02228

As one of the city’s most popular bars and lounges, Drink is usually quite packed, with a waiting stretching out even on the occasional weeknight. As such, Saturday nights are usually quite hoppin’ at Drink, which is why Sunday evenings prove to be prime timing to actually get inside and enjoy this worthy dinner/drink destination. Expert mixologists lurk behind Drink’s cozy and inviting cocktail rooms, just dying to offer up some friendly advice for the thirsty traveler, whether it be Drink’s house-made ginger beer or one of the many vintage cocktails on the menu. A dark, mellow atmosphere awaits you at Drink on Sunday nights.

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The Rugged Pub: The Murphy’s Law
837 Summer St.
Boston, MA. 02127

Doubly (in)famous for being featured not only in the Casey and Ben Affleck film, “Gone Baby Gone,” but also on famed chef/traveler Anthony Bourdain’s television show, “No Reservations,” Murphy’s Law is a hard-as-nails, working class Irish Bar that takes no prisoners and makes no apologies. The bar’s 2 a.m. liquor license makes it a prime hangout for the brave and adventurous on a Sunday night, particularly those seeking to make the best out of Murphy’s cash-only system of cheap drinks and generous pours. Sure, Murphy’s Law can occasionally get a little rough (the bar defines Murphy’s Law as: “Whatever hits the fan will not be evenly distributed”), but Sunday night adventuring was not made for the meek, so sidle on up to the bar and pick your poison.

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The Cigar Bar: Stanza dei Sigari
292 Hanover St.
Boston, MA. 02113

Looking for something a little different to expand your Sunday night horizons? Stanza dei Sigari is one of Boston’s most recognized cigar bars and lounges, servicing cigar aficionados from across the city. Featuring a hookah set up alongside the bar’s wide selection of cigars, whiskeys and fine bourbons, Stanza dei Sigari brings its A game when it comes to late night, relaxing coolness, particularly after a belly stretching meal at any one of the fine restaurants along Stanza’s North End location. Some proper Sunday night planning should prove quite eventful and memorable should you choose to spend the evening here at Stanza dei Sigari.

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The Poet’s Paradise: Lizard Lounge
1667 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA. 02138

For the intellectual set, Cambridge’s Lizard Lounge is a super-chill hangout for a Sunday night out, particularly if slam poetry is your bag, baby. French berets, long cigarettes and finger-snapping aren’t de rigueur here at the Lizard Lounge, but they may help you get in the proper frame of mind for this joint’s weekly poetry slam Sundays. Open mic nights and live music–featuring jazz, blues, classic rock and more––also have a home here at the Lizard Lounge, alongside an impressive selection of draft and bottled beer for those who may need a little liquid courage before spilling their guts up on the stage. Never fear, however, you can always just leave the poetry to the pros and simply enjoy the Lizard Lounge’s ace, cool-cucumber atmosphere and artsy clientele.

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The Neighborhood Gay Bar: Alley Bar
275 Washington St.
Boston, MA 02108

Right from the get-go, The Alley Bar’s promise of their establishment existing as “where the bears are,” promises a good, lighthearted time for Boston’s gay male community seeking to let loose on a Sunday night. Proudly proclaiming its low key, dive bar status, The Alley Bar nevertheless offers “Bear-e-oke” on Sunday nights October through December, with over a thousand dollars in prizes available for the song-bear who strikes a proper chord with the crowd and judges. Sure, The Alley Bar may not be the fanciest gig in town––nor does it apologize for that fact––but if a relaxed, no judgement good time is on your agenda, The Alley Bar serves up a raucous experience on Sunday nights. Hey, you might even wake up Monday morning with a good story or two.

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