As summer becomes nothing but a distant memory, autumn leaves, brisk fall evenings … and Oktoberfest creep into everyone’s mind. Boston and surrounding areas offer plenty of opportunities for locals and tourists alike to indulge in all of the fun and events of Oktoberfest. No matter what the palette craves, be it beer or bratwurst, the Boston area has it all covered when it comes to Oktoberfest shenanigans. Here are five of the best hot spots around for the party.

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Oktoberfest in Harvard Square
18 Brattle St.
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 491-3434

Date: Oct. 5 to Oct. 8

This year marks the 34th annual celebration of Oktoberfest at Harvard Square. Coinciding with Davis Square’s own Honk! Festival Parade, the first weekend in October marks a family-style celebration in Harvard Square, with plenty of food and drink on hand from local vendors and restaurants, while shops and artist play their own unique wares to the public. It also features live music and beer gardens.

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Redbones BBQ
55 Chester St.
Somerville, MA 02144
(617) 628-2200

While Southern-style barbecue may not exactly be everyone’s idea of quintessential Oktoberfest fare, Redbones BBQ in Somerville regularly hosts Oktoberfest events in the Davis Square area. The restaurant’s copious selection of fall brews should also serve to sumptuously satiate even the thirstiest Oktoberfest reveler during the chilly fall months.

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Nashoba Valley Winery
92 Wattaquadock Hill Road
Bolton, MA  01740
(978) 779-5521

For many thirsty New Englanders, one needs only four letters with which to spell Oktoberfest: B-E-E-R. Luckily for these parched citizens, Bolton’s Nashoba Valley Winery (and brewery) brews up plenty of special Oktoberfest brew along with its notable wine orchards. The winery serves as a unique destination for booze-induced fun and games this Oktoberfest season. Set over 52 acres of rolling countryside, this family-owned winery provides traditionally German oompa music to go along with its Oktoberfest celebrations. The winery also offers plenty of tastings and food within the confines of its on-site restaurant. With more than 100 food and wine awards to its credit, Nashoba Valley Winery is a truly unique destination this Oktoberfest.


International Oktoberfest
Newport Yachting Center
Newport, RI 02801
(401) 846-1600

Date: Oct. 6 and Oct. 7

While it’s a bit out of Boston’s immediate vicinity, Newport, R.I., has nonetheless served as a popular getaway destination for many of the city’s busy populous who are eager for a relaxing weekend on the waterfront. There’s always something going on in Newport during crisp fall evenings and hot summer nights alike, with October serving as no exception to this rule. The first weekend in October will mark the city’s celebration of an International Oktoberfest, serving up an authentic celebration of German culture the whole family can enjoy. Whether it’s the traditional taste of Deutchland food and drink in the Biergarten, the rambunctious and energetic Bavarian oompa music or the fascinating gifts found in the mobile marketplace, International Oktoberfest will surely be a place to see and be seen this autumn.

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(Photo Credit: Munich Haus)

Munich Haus
13 Center St.
Chicopee, MA 01013
(413) 594-8788

If you’re seeking traditional and delicious German food for your next Oktoberfest gathering, look no further than Chicopee’s Munich Haus, an eatery that has specialized in classic German fare for Western Massachusetts diners who are hungry for something different from the average burgers ‘n fries. German sausage, such as Nurnberger Wurstchen pork sausage and Hahnchen, a chicken bratwurst, is the name of the game here, set alongside such other German delicacies as fried cheese, hasenpfeffer (braised rabbit) and the glorious wiener schnitzel, a pork tenderloin pounded, breaded and lightly sautéed. Oktoberfest is a pretty big deal ’round these parts, with The Munich Haus serving as a perfect place to dine the German way.

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