A marriage proposal simply has to be one of the most special, amazing moments in the lives of a couple. Some folks like to keep things small and intimate, while others prefer to go big, popping the question in public at a restaurant, sporting event or iconic landmark. This makes a city such as Boston perfect for such a momentous occasion, with its numerous prime locations. And as the leaves begin to change and temperatures become cooler, it’s the perfect season in the perfect city. So, here’s to chilly temperatures and warm hearts with five of Boston’s best places for a fall marriage proposal.
(Photo from NEAQ/Facebook)

(Photo from NEAQ/Facebook)

New England Aquarium
1 Central Wharf
Boston, MA 02110
(617) 973-5200

There’s nothing strange about a passionate love for the ocean and all of its varied aquatic life, so it makes perfect sense that a water-lovin’ couple might have a profound memory associated with a proposal here at Boston’s legendary New England Aquarium. The aquarium’s Waterfront location on Central Wharf provides a great view of the city’s equally legendary seaport, while the bevy of beautiful marine life creates the perfect, serene backdrop for that all important proposal!

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L'Espalier Restaurant

(Credit: Lespalier.com)

774 Boylston St.
Boston, MA 02199
(617) 262-3023

L’Espalier is the archetypal French bistro, with all of the expected trappings. This popular eatery is elegant and fancy, providing the perfect romantic backdrop for a traditional, date night proposal. The staff here at L’Espalier are used to this sort of behavior, as well, and are well prepared to assist any groom or bride in assuring that their special day goes off without a hitch, and remains a memory to last forever.

(Image: Medieval Manor)

(Image: Medieval Manor)

The Medieval Manor Theater Restaurant
246 E. Berkeley St.
Boston, MA 02118
(617) 423-4900

Sure, The Medieval Manor Theater Restaurant is probably the furthest thing from the fancy atmosphere of a place like L’Espalier, but this famously popular East Berkeley Street spot would make the perfect place for a righteously nerdy marriage proposal for the proud nerds amongst us. Cosplay fans and Dungeons & Dragons couples should particularly appreciate Medieval Manor’s rustic cuisine and fantastic throwback atmosphere.

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Fenway Park awaits Opening Day. (Photo by Carl Stevens)

Fenway Park (Photo by Carl Stevens)

Fenway Park
4 Yawkey Way
Boston, MA 02115
(877) 733-7699

Sure, proposing at a major league baseball game may seem like a cliche, but a classic never goes out of style. Of course, fall is a great time for baseball, and makes for a romantic proposal at a Red Sox game. Although there are no guarantees that a proposal might make it on the big screen, popping the question here at Fenway Park is a prime example of being the only two individuals in a sea of people, ensuring that this iconic ball park will serve as a special place for couples for years to come.

Memorial Church at Harvard University (Image: iStockphoto)

Memorial Church at Harvard University (Image: iStockphoto)

The Memorial Church at Harvard
2 Kirkland St.
Mid-Cambridge, MA 02138

Everyone knows that Boston’s Harvard University is one of the country’s highest, most respected institutions of higher learning. However, not everyone knows that The Memorial Church within Harvard’s hallowed halls holds an absolutely beautiful chapel, which could serve as the perfect proposal spot for the religious-minded couples out there in the city. Harvard alumni already know the reputation of this legendary piece of architecture, but The Memorial Church could serve as a great marriage memory for just about any couple.

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