Boston’s Best Party Buses

October 26, 2010 11:44 PM

You’re planning a big night out with a group, and looking for something different, perhaps even a little wild. Have you ever tried a party bus? I mean a REAL party bus, not just a big limo.

Don’t step inside these buses expecting rows of seats with some loud music thrown in. These nightclubs on wheels are designed with perimeter seating, lightshows, and dance poles. They hold dozens of people for your bachelor, bachelorette, pub crawl, prom, high school reunion, 40th birthday celebration and more.

bustonian3 Bostons Best Party Buses



357 Commercial Street
Boston, MA 02109
(866) GO BUS GO

Easily identified by their crazy paintjobs, the Bustonian is the original player in the Boston Party Bus scene. From the hot pink Miss Bustonian to the retro 80s Bustonian, their fleet of six themed buses has attitude. Your night out includes VIP treatment (no cover, no lines) at dozens of bars and clubs.

bostonpartytours Bostons Best Party Buses


Boston Party Tours

(888) MASS BUS

Choose to take advantage of their VIP relationships with area nightspots, or just cruise the city and keep the party on the bus. Boston Party Tours has a fleet of four party buses for your favorite occasions. If it weren’t for the occasional bumps in the road and sharp Boston corners, you might forget you’re on wheels at all, as you dance the night away.

trolley Bostons Best Party Buses


The Original Party Trolley of Boston

519 East Second Street
South Boston, MA 02110
(617) 251-9646

So… they’re not exactly buses, but the idea is the same. Tastefully traditional on the outside, these trolleys have been converted for partying on the inside. Curious how they fit a dance floor, dance pole and strobe lights on a trolley? You’ll have to look for yourself.

Taken a ride with any of these party bus companies, or have a different local favorite? Let us know in the comments below!