Boston is a center for the arts in many ways. As such, it is home to several organizations that not only encourage appreciation of the arts but also give charitably to ensure that art will continue to be a major aspect of Boston’s culture. These organizations contribute in many ways, from educating youth to preserving historic works of art. There are numerous options to give to these charities and become an integral part of the living world of art in Beantown.


Artists for Humanity 
100 W 2nd St
Boston, MA 02127
(617) 268-7620

Donations: There are multiple ways to donate to Artists for Humanity. Click here to find out how.

Artists for Humanity has been contributing to Boston’s arts since 1991. Their mission statement is “to bridge economic, racial and social divisions by providing undeserved youth with the keys to self-sufficiency through paid employment in the arts.” This organization offers mentorship to teens in need of guidance, preparing them to go out and work in the art world. The fields in which skills are taught include digital media, graphic design, painting, photography, screen printing, sculpture and web design.

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(credit: Massachusetts Historical Society/Facebook)

The Massachusetts Historical Society
1154 Boylston St
Boston, MA 02215
(617) 536-1608 

Donations: Give to the Massachusetts Historical Society by becoming a member or offering gifts. Find out more here.

Boston is an important city to the nation’s history. The very foundation of the country lies in the city’s rebellious history as a small town that did not want to pay taxes without representation in parliament. Many of the sites and artifacts of early colonial Massachusetts are in the care of the Massachusetts Historical Society. This includes irreplaceable works of literary art such as correspondence letters between John and Abigail Adams, imprints of the Declaration of Independence and architectural sketches from Thomas Jefferson.

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New England Foundation for the Arts
145 Tremont St
Boston, MA 02111
(617) 951-0010

Donations: NEFA is a nonprofit that relies largely on donations. Find out more here.

The New England Foundation for the Arts is located in Boston, but works throughout the nation in support of the arts. This organization’s goals are broad. They connect artists with their communities, helping further the cultural and artistic worth of areas in need of enrichment. Fundamentals are crucial to this nonprofit as they adhere to supporting artists, making connections and strengthening the creative economy. The success of their efforts are measured by data-driven research that in turn is used to impact laws regarding the arts.

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Reach Out and Read Massachusetts
56 Roland St
Boston, MA 02129
(617) 455-0655

Donations: Call (617) 455-0657 or email to speak to Nora Murphy about donating or volunteering your time.

Reach Out and Read is a national organization with a branch based in Boston. This organization supports the arts by encouraging a love for an art form that extends to so many other art forms, the written word. The organization collects books on a community level, and pediatricians prescribe them to children. This promotes literacy and an appreciation of books from an early age throughout Massachusetts to those who would otherwise be unaware of this creative outlet.


Teen Voices
80 Summer St
Boston, MA 02110
(617) 426-5505

Donations: There are a number of ways to become involved with Teen Voices. Visit here to find out more.

Teen Voices is a program for teen girls that operates out of Boston. The program supports young ladies who want their voices heard through journalism and art. They publish both print and online magazines that feature these girls’ work. They also mentor them so they can hone their talents and use them outside of the realm of Teen Voices.

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