Using candle holders, wall mirrors, throw pillows and other items makes every room look more polished and attractive. Home décor doesn’t require a lot of money or an interior decorator. You just need to know where to find the best accent pieces to complement your style or find a new one. Fortunately, Boston’s best home decor stores offer perfect options for any home.

photo credit: michelle willey’s boutique

Michelle Willey
8 Union Park St.
Boston, MA 02118
(617) 424-6700

Michelle Willey sells home décor and so much more. This local shop has even been known to offer pottery from Boston artists alongside handmade porcelain vases from China. Michelle Willey has an impressive selection of throw pillows, from Tibetan wool pillows to dupioni silk pillows. The store also sells exclusive handmade découpage glass plates and trays by Willey Studio, making for perfectly unique pieces every time.

photo credit: abodeon

1731 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 497-0137

The home décor at Abodeon falls into one of two categories: current modern and vintage modern. Its current modern collection features unusual items such as abstract bowls, spice sets and baskets crafted from recycled tire scraps. Abodeon’s vintage modern collection offers vases, vessels, abstract carvings and sculptures. Its vintage collection comprises many one-of-a-kind items from decades past as well.

photo credit: boutique fabulous

Boutique Fabulous
1309 Cambridge St.
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 864-0656

Boutique Fabulous sells home décor that ranges from enamel signs and art tiles to coasters, candles, shower curtains and paper lanterns. Customers affectionately refer to Boutique Fabulous as quaint and quirky thanks to its selection of new and vintage items. The boutique periodically features fabulous events at which it serves refreshments to its customers. In addition to its home décor, the shop’s collection also boasts jewelry from local artists such as Carol Sousa, Risa Edelstein, Georgia Gersh, Casey Kerr and Anita Haynes.

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photo credit: davis squared

Davis Squared
409 Highland Ave.
Somerville, MA 02144
(617) 666-6700

If you are looking for a shower curtain that doubles as a giant Boston MBTA Subway map or the aptly named, brightly colored, fish-shaped “gurgle” pots that make gurgling sounds when you pour, Davis Squared in the place to go. The home décor offerings there are unique, modern and fun. In addition to plenty of little tchotchkes perfect for sprucing up your home, the store sells gift items and cards. That makes Davis Squared the perfect place to shop for any occasion from an apartment or housewarming to a birthday or baby shower.

photo credit: acquire boutique

61 Salem St.
Boston, MA 02113
(857) 362-7380

Acquire is the domain of professional interior designer Nikki Dalrymple, who offers her services through this eclectic shop. For do-it-yourself home decorators, explore an array of items perfect for embellishing the home, including artwork, hooks, lamps, bookcases, aromatic candles and plush pillows. Acquire’s unique gallery also sells one-of-a-kind home décor items as well as hand-selected antiques that may be arranged with modern pieces to create a look that is unusual while visually appealing.

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