The Food truck business has come a long way since the days of so-called ‘roach coaches’ bouncing between construction sites. In Boston, business is booming and modern food trucks’ menus now range from simple snacks to somewhat elegant meals.Many new names are popping up around the city, and if you’re new to the food truck scene, it can be overwhelming or even a bit scary. So, here are a few of the best food trucks in Boston that are guaranteed to please. – By Michael Radigan

(Photo Credit: Roxy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese/Facebook)

Roxy’s is one of Boston’s most famous food trucks. The truck has been featured on national television food shows. Some fillings in the grilled cheese include brie, foie gras, chorizo, candied bacon and much more. The truck also offers a delicious side of fried pickles to go along with an amazing grilled cheese sandwich!


Boston Speed Dog’s accolades speak for itself. It was rated #1 Hot Dog in America by Wall Street Journal; billionaire Warren Buffet has reportedly eaten there — and raved about the experience; and not to mention it also made CBS Boston’s Best Hot Dogs list. Their famous homemade toppings include Speed’s mustard, relish, BBQ and most importantly Speed’s special sauce, which includes an atomic chili. Boston Speed Dog is definitely worth checking out.

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If you’re looking for a healthy meal, the Clover food truck will be just for you. The Clover menu features organic dishes and drinks, including organic beer! The most popular meals are the chickpea plate and fritter, the granola for breakfast, and soy BLT.

(Photo Credit: Bon Me/Facebook)

SoWa Open Market, Sundays, 11am–4pm.

Bon Me Truck features a menu of great Vietnamese dishes. Some include barbecue pork, grilled chicken or tofu and shitake mushrooms, stuffed into a baguette topped off with daikon radishes and or spicy mayonnaise. Bon Me Truck also offers an exquisite rice bowl and noodle salad. The Bon Me truck isn’t hard to miss; it’s big, yellow and usually surrounded by a crowd of hungry customers.

One other food truck worth mentioning:


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